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  1. [TR] Mamie Peak - Ellation 9/3/2012

    Don't suppose anyone can give out directions and beta for this climbing area?
  2. I will be in Bellingham WA on Oct 5/6/7 for a cross country race, and in Vancouver BC 7/8/9 visiting family. Thinking about maybe doing some quick objectives afterwards. Ideas are varied: Liberty Bell, Baker, Shuksan, Torment-Forbidden Traverse. Or maybe go to Squamish instead. I have a small Alpine rack, glacier travel gear, rope, etc. Just did Exum Direct in the Tetons two weeks ago. I'm pretty fit. Willing to lead up to moderate 5.10. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!
  3. Bellingham/North Cascades/Squamish Oct 9-11

    Thanks Matt, realistically I can only climb mid-week (9th to 11th). That said I might be able to get out cragging Sunday. If you can get out Tues/Wed/Thurs let me know and we can do something a bit bigger.
  4. I just moved to Bend. Relative climbing novice (lots of outdoors experience and fitness) looking for partners. Craging at Smith and peak bagging in Cascades are my main objectives. I have no trad experience but want to learn. I have a handful of sport and gym exp. Know basic glacier travel and self-arrest technique. Comfortable with winter camping, back country skiing, scrambling, backpacking, etc.
  5. Central Oregon climbing partners

    Thanks for the tip. I have been going to their meetings and did hit up the gear swap. They seem like nice guys but lacking motivation and technical know-how. During the winter all I heard about was a campout on Tumalo and a couple snow shoes that were 4-6 miles round trip. Their summer schedule looks better but I'm hoping to hook up with some stronger and more knowledgeable people.