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  1. FS: Cilogear and Arc'teryx Packs

    Ah, great. Thanks!
  2. FS: Cilogear and Arc'teryx Packs

    Hey Todd, a friend emailed you about the 40B worksack --- did you see that?
  3. FS: Cilogear and Arc'teryx Packs

    PM sent for alpha fl 45.
  4. WTB: Figure 4 packs?

    Howdy, My wife and I bought a used Figure 4 pack a few years ago, and would be interested in picking up another. If you have a pack by Figure 4 that's collecting dust, let me know! Thanks, Goran
  5. PM'ed for Direkt2 tent.
  6. We met you guys at the lake and ran into you on the descent. Rad work and a proud FA, and thanks for posting the report!
  7. We found a piece of non-climbing gear at (roughly) the base of the Direct East Buttress of South Early Winter Spire. Identify it and I'd be happy to get it back to you!
  8. [TR] Colfax Peak - Polish Route 5/3/2015

    Hot damn, gents, way to crush it! That sounds like a hell of a three day weekend, to boot.
  9. Nice work persisting in the wallow! What route were you going for on Dorado Needle? Is there a good winter line, or just some adventure on the rock routes?
  10. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Triple Couloirs 3/13/2015

    +1 for this. Last year (see here for TR) we found exactly 0 ice screw placements and a couple of pitches required every one of our 5 or 6 pins (many of which did not inspire confidence). I can't imagine it would have been a good intro alpine climb in those conditions. I think it was Jim Nelson who described TC as spanning a spectrum of difficulties; he has experienced it as everything from a 3 hour cruise on neve and fat ice to a harrowing near-death epic. So, could it be a good intro alpine route? Absolutely! But it can also be a scare-fest with avy hazard, marginal gear, etc.
  11. [TR] Eldorado - NW Couloir 3/1/2015

    Incredible images. Thanks!
  12. Heh, that leftward traverse was an entertaining scene for us on Dragontail, as well. me: "@#%$, I'm 6 feet to the right of the notch!" partners: "Awesome! Nice!" me: "Not awesome. Not awesome at all." I agree that it's a 10a/b traverse, and certainly exciting. I also agree that the third couloir of the triple is lined by the most heinous arrangement of boulders in playdoh I've ever experienced. Nice work on making it up and down safely!
  13. 24hr Seattle-Seattle. Nice work, and thanks for the TR!