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  1. Jetboil Sol or Sumo?

    I have a Jetboil Flash and have really liked the size and have used it a ton for boiling water and melting snow. Hope you enjoy yours.
  2. Feathered Friends Volant in Event

    PM sent...
  3. What if the shelter at Muir is full?

    Why would you want to stay in the shelter. Way more fun and enjoyable to sleep outside.
  4. Site Slowness and Problems

    curious, what are you guys running on?
  5. Mt Hood

    Hey guys thanks for the info and Ben - Thanks for the photos/trip report.
  6. Mt Hood

    Hi everyone, new to the board. My brother and I have wanted to climb Hood for years but have never gotten the chance and have decided to try to make it happen this year. What times of year are the best to climb Hood and then what are the climbing conditions like now? Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.