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  1. car-2-car It's non-technical max class 3 scramble but still require some endurance and route finding. Send me PM if interested.
  2. Southwest Ridge it's shorter than South Ridge. Anyway they merge. What is the 3d?
  3. Is somebody interested? The route from Pamelia lake TH. Bonus point if you're from Portland
  4. I'm up for Jefferson the next weekend 7/16-17. Weather now seems to be fine. And I'm from Portland too
  5. plan to spend end of the year beginning of the next in Ecuador. Is somebody interested in climbing Chimborazo, Cayambe and something smaller for acclimation? I've already plane ticket but flexible with your arrival/departure, it just should be in 2d half of December (doesn't imply we do all trip together, one or 2 mountains would be fine). Let me know if you plan to be in Ecuador end of the year and would like to climb.
  6. Glacier Peak 3 days in August

    eventually this weekend will be the last one with the suitable weather. Last call
  7. Glacier Peak 3 days in August

    bump the next weekend is long (9/5-7 Sat-Mon) and by current prediction not rainy. It's time to go
  8. the days are still flexible but should cover weekend + Friday or Monday (not available 8/21-24). Disappointment Cleaver route (the only left with a reasonable approach) pm me if interested and what days work for you.
  9. "07/12 very late" we hope to descent from the summit and be on the way back. Could your be a day or 2 earlier? Ye, people have soloed it. Crevasses should not be on the route. So, if you come to the point where you need to jump through a crevasse, probably you're on a wrong path. Generally if you have prior glacier travel experience, a good sense of direction and a common sense you should be fine. Looked at your link, seems we have been at the same time in the same place but don't know each other or didn't had a chance to meet.
  10. Climbing this weekend (July 4th)

    does mt Olympus fit into "slog across glaciers"? If it's so, 7/4-6 seems to be the holiday and your available days
  11. Mountaineering partners spring/summer

    I'm also interested in P-town based group for this summer and beyond. May be we can meet and get to know each other a bit? Preferred dates/time ?
  12. does somebody interested?
  13. general plan was either make a traverse: Old Snowy, Ives,Gilbert or if that would not work, make separate hikes to Gilbert from Walupt Lake and Goat lake loop with accent to Old Snowy & Ives