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  1. Trango Cinch new pin replacement

    Ha, I thought I was the only one who did this. I used molding pins and they work great. I actually confronted the Trango rep at the Rendezvous before doing this and he was like "We're always looking for harder metals blah blah" which obviously is complete bullshit because I found WAY harder metal just scrounging in my friends dilapidated metal shop. As things are going, my pin will out-last the stainless on my Cinch and I'll probably press it out and put it in a new one before it even starts to wear.
  2. Oregon rock climbing

    I'll be in Westfir, OR for a while working on a few projects. I'd like to hit the nearby trad wall as often as possible. Best climbing I know of in Oregon! Also, there is a GU FA project closer to town I'd like to do if the weather is cool enough. TXT five41-three59-nine212
  3. Oregon Partners Needed - 6/24-7/8

    Hi. Do you have any interest in hard technical climbing? If so, pm me as I know all the local crags. I wouldn't mind doing three fingered jack too, but don't really need a partner for that.
  4. Currently in Mazama looking for more w.pass partners. If I don't find any, I'll probably end up in Leavenworth.
  5. Looking for a Trad Mentor

    I'd rather climb with Sketchy Dan than this "Jim" person people keep talking about. Whoever he is, his ratings are all off and can't lead for shit
  6. I'm driving up to Washington Pass! I have a partner for thurs-fri but would like to climb more! If you're keen, pleace contact me. My cell is 541-three59-nine212 -Ball
  7. Hm, not getting email notifications when people reply.. In light of that, PM me climbing folx
  8. (plus mtbiking on rest days?)
  9. So a friend of mine is free to (trad) climb a week from now, but only if I'm in the area. I'm free to climb now, so to make this work I need partners for THIS week I'm keen for trad, short or long (very keen on multi-pitch). I should be solid at 10+ (old school ratings). Plenty of gear, experience, etc. Have climbed at Index and Leavenworth before, many years ago. I'll need to know hopefully by tomorrow or I may end up going to a place that's easier to score partners. Sorry for the short notice but I forgot about this forum.
  10. Partnerless in Leavenworth for all of September

    I'm free to climb for a week or so at index/leavenworth/w.pass, What's your schedule like? What are you willing to follow? I'll be bringing my mtbike, but I don't know anything about the trails there.
  11. I'm game for 3rd pillar and positive vibrations. There are some climbs near Russel I'd also be interested in. Tioga opened on the 11th so I don't think there was much snow this year. Hopefully I can score some partners for right now so I'll be in shape. What's your schedule? I'm completely free right now; pondering where to go to find keeners (currently in Park City UT, might drive to the Valley or maybe Leavenworth).
  12. Leaving Moab today; heading west. Could climb sierras, sawtooths, enchantments, wherever. High country season is coming soon and I want to get trim!
  13. hey wayne. I'm currently in Moab, but free to climb anywhere, any time. I was holding out for some towers here or maybe black canyon, but not many takers so I'll likely be escaping the coming heat and heading for cooler pastures.
  14. 2012 Southern Oregon Issue Summary