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  1. Hi Sara, Not to toot my own horn, but I like to think I fall in this category. Depending on weather I may be heading down to Adams (from Bellingham) this coming weekend- May 18th - 19th - but might make it down there May 17th. Do you ski as well? My plan is lapping the SW Chutes. If this isn't your fancy, we can talk other objectives. Shoot me a message if you like: eric6mann@gmail.com Cheers, Eric
  2. I'm in search of partners for the following objectives. I'm also pretty easy and open to alternative trips. Trips range from long days to overnights and there are numerous routes to select from on each peak. PM if you're interested. I'm in Bellingham and happy to link up and chat over a drink. (ski) Icy Peak via Ruth (ski) Silverstar peak Logan peak Goode Whatcom peak --- Mt Challenger Clark mountain Shuksan, Fisher Chimneys Buckner (n or s routes) Cashmere mountain (trail run/scramble or overnight) (run) Ruth (S side) Baker N Ridge (ski) Vesper peak (run) Rock mountain - Howard link (run) excelsior high ridge route Lemah mountain (ski or run ) Cannon Peak Olympus
  3. Hey Zack, i'm looking for the same thing. You wanna grab a drink and talk routes and ideas? - Eric 425-471-0632
  4. As the season changes to more warm sunny weather and I pull out my list of climbs (and WSDOT begins the process of clearing Highway 20!), I'm in search of a few local Bellingham (Leavenworth, etc.) climbing/mountaineering/skiing partners for the spring and summer. If you like to alpine climb/ski mountaineer, mountaineer, let's grab a drink and talk trips. Email me at eric6mann@gmail.com
  5. Looking for a few ski partners to tackle some day tours, overnight trips, weekend trips, etc. If there are any folks looking to get out Tuesdays, Fridays, or Saturday- Sunday, let me know. eric6mann@gmail.com I'm open to other ideas as well. Know your avy stuff please.
  6. Hey hey-- I'm looking for one or two solid partners for a number of trips this season, and if the shoe fits, into the coming years. I've been a mountaineer, climber, ski, splitboarder for many years here in the PNW and have recently altered my schedule to now have Mon-Thursday free to play. I am hoping to find a couple relaxed/chill experienced (or eager to learn but have rock/avy/crack rescue training) climbing/skiing partners who want to try to make a regular weekly schedule for this season and spring/summer. I emphasize relaxed and chill. It would be nice to push it but also enjoy the mountains. A couple of things I'm eyeing this winter/spring/summer: Ski Eldorado and possible work in Dorado Needle Torment - Forbidden Traverse Stuart (multiple routes) St Helens Ski car-to-summit Adams Ski car-to -summit, maybe climb Mazama glacier 5 Days at Smith Rock Ingalls Peak winter ski and summit from East ridge, overnight winter Tooth NE Corner w/ ski Chair Peak N. Face ski basin Winchester Lookout ski /overnight Hidden Lakes lookout ski/overnight Ruth Ski from summit (camp/laps) Shuksan summit Ski Baker summit ski Day ski trips Doado Needle Baker, North ridge Rainier ski from summit Vesper N. face Sloan peak ski I'd be more than excited to brainstorm other routes/trips with you that you might have on your list. Let's talk shop. email me at eric5mann@gmail.com Talk soon, Eric
  7. Let's talk shop. I have weekdays off and am looking to find a partner for this coming week and for ongoing future trips. eric5mann@gmail.com Shoot me an email and we an talk specifics. -Eric
  8. I'm interested. I work Thursday-Sunday; let's talk routes. eric5mann@gmail.com Eric
  9. Looking for a climbing partner(s) who knows enough of what they are doing, and how to take care of themselves, to come w/ me on one-two objectives (possibly more as the summer goes on). Memorial day weekend (Friday-Monday). These aren't hard-core, they are more for fun. I'm also open to discussion if you want to try something else? I've got many years of both alpine climbing and mountaineering under my belt, with certs in wilderness medicine, x2 avvy, mtn, etc. I am looking for someone who is in the same boat. It would be nice to climb w/ someone chill, down to hit it hard but also slow down and enjoy and just be in the mountains, as well as have a chiller attitude and enjoys a good conversation. I've worked/climbed in the institutional setting, guided, and climb recreationally. I'm comfortable instructing and teaching a bit on nuances but would prefer someone who has a handle on their own systems etc. email me if any of the below stand out to you: eric5mann@gmail.com Olympus Baker- Coleman & N Ridge Shuksan- Fisher Chimneys E Ridge Ingalls Stewart any route N Butt of Colchuck Daniel- Lynch Glacier (also maybe 4-5 days mountain exploring w/ high lakes and other mountain objectives) Dorado Needle (link in Austera or Forbidden) My Buckner N. Face Couloir Index, Darington, Leavenworth, etc etc Or light and fast backpacking trips! I'm really open to making things happen and having a good time. Eric
  10. Hey Brett, Shoot me an email. I'm interested. And I love free beer eric5mann@gmail.com -Eric
  11. I've got a few things I want to explore/climb before the weather comes in... let me know if anything interests you. I've got a clear schedule with no work for a bit so I'm open to flex. Climbs: Mt. Baker: Coleman & N. Ridge Mt. Buckner: N. Face Sloan Peak: Route Open Vesper Peak Glacier Peak: Sitkum Glacier Dorado Needle Etc. Things I want to explore/adventure: Three Fingers others Shoot me a message if you are interested. I'm free... well, now. Eric
  12. Hey- I wanted to get a pulse on those interested in doing some climbing from the South Cascades down and finishing in Bishop, Johshua Tree. I'm planning on taking the month of May to head South from Seattle, hitting the Kautz on Rainier (if in), Jefferson, Sisters, Shasta, Pacific Coast, Yosemite, Bishop (including a visit to the hot springs), and Death Valley. Any interest? Split fuel cost.
  13. Hey Philip, Shoot me an email. Let's chat. Eric eric5mann@gmail.com
  14. Hey, I'm looking for a partner to climb Thursday (tomorrow) or Friday up the SW Couloir of South Early Winter Spires. If we have extra time, I'd love to go up the South Arete simul as well. Let me know if either of these days work for you and we'll have some fun. Eric eric5mann@gmail.com
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