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  1. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Backbone with Fin 7/14/2013

    What a cute little story with a happy ending. Nice job Dills and co!
  2. Pretty bad-ass Kid!
  3. [TR] Mt. Hood - Elliot Headwall 6/2/2013

    Good one! We saw you guys coming down. Thanks for the steps heading up and down Sunshine. Ended up skiing from your snow shelter on nice butter. Crossing the bergie under Horseshoe rock on the way out was a bit unnerving as it made a small burp as I stepped across it. Other than that nice conditions!
  4. Yeah! Heard the hoots.. Nice work!
  5. Who eats carrots while hiking?
  6. [TR] Mt Hood - Pearly Gates 1/14/2013

    How did you get that rope up there?
  7. Way to go guys! Taking the stoke level up another couple notches..
  8. [TR] Week of the Snowpocolypse - 12/24/2012

    Keep posting! Just blew out my knee so I need to live through you guys! Have fun and be safe out there!
  9. It was Sept 2. We hit Teewinot, Pk 11840, East Prong, then ran into two experienced climbers from SLC who reported it was a bit sketchy on Owen and that there was veraglas heading over to the notch and on the Grandstand? We took their word for it and bailed as it was still a decent push to get up Owen at that time. We ran into ice on the N Ridge of the Middle the next day. Dang, maybe we should've went for it? There'll be a next time..
  10. Wow! A stunning week's work. My partner and I were there the same time to attempt the Grand Traverse but were thwarted on Owen after some other climbers reported veraglas up high and all along the West Ledges to the Grandstand. Instead, we descended the Koven to the lower Teton Glacier and attempted to finish the route from the L Saddle. No such luck as we ran into more ice up on the Middle and bailed again. We'll be back. As always, stunning photos and write-up.