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  1. Beal Top gear 2 10.5 60m dry rope $175obo used twice as a trailing rope NFPA steel rescue 8 descender $40obo 2in RSI pulley$50obo New BD super 8 $10 2 New BD ATC $10 1 used(half a season) ATC XP $10 random old school 8 $5 all are OBO
  2. i had a blast at this. i'll definitely be at the next one too.
  3. AWH MAN! i would've if i knew farther in advance! or if it was for tomorrow. Is this something that will happen often?
  4. theres also a nest down between fat and skinny walls. a couple weeks ago i had a stare down with a wasp on Boschido i really wanted to put my hand in a hold that he was claiming as his own lol
  5. i found a ring while climbing exit 38 today. you tell me what kind of ring it is if you think its yours
  6. I love fossil. I learned to climb there and every time i climb there its like coming home
  7. weird i sent mine and got it back in like a week
  8. i will gladly buy it from you if you dont use it.
  9. does anyone have jim and marlene's guide that they would be willing to part with? or at least let me make copies of it? or anyone know how to get ahold of them so i can bug them about it? thanks
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