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  1. Is the haul bag still available?
  2. Exit 32/38/Index weekday cragging

    I'm game for Index afternoons! Could swing mornings if needed.................. ....or Si....
  3. Index July 9 or later this week

    Looks like it is pretty wet up there right now. I'm down to climb midweek afternoons/evenings.
  4. Hey is anyone going to indian creek around thanksgiving (or the week of) and has an extra seat? I am trying to meet and climb with some friends down there. Thanks! Please shoot me an email at ethan@mrkpro.com or text 360-2ayt seeks - ayt sevn 7 ate
  5. I believe I accidentally left my sz 12(?) Anasazi pinks at the base of reptiles/chronic and would love to have them back. Will provide beer/shipping etc if someone picks them up =) Thanks! Ethan@mrkpro.com
  6. Found some scarpa approach shoes at the camping area in vantage. Email Ethan@mrkpro.com if they are yours. =)
  7. WTB Tieton River Rocks

    Anyone have a current tieton guide laying around that they are not using? I would be interested in it. Thanks!
  8. 1 year old climber looking for partners

    I can climb midweek - days vary every week but normally its some combination of tues,weds,thurs. Send me an email ethan(AT) Mrkpro. CAHM
  9. vantage toilet (at least as of June 20th..)

    I'll go with you on that =) (Serious, not sarcastic)
  10. vantage toilet (at least as of June 20th..)

    Dude the trapeze isnt that chossy. It's actually got a couple of very good (short) climbs. So does green wall. That being said most climbs require some care when climbing to find where the protection/holds are the most solid (even if it's not "bomber")
  11. Week Day Rock Partner

    With my job I have week days off (typically tuesday-wednesday and sometimes thurs) and am looking to get out to Index, Leavenworth, Vantage or wherever. Please email as I don't log into CC that much. Ethan@mrkpro.com
  12. Wanted: Anasazi Slippers

    Anyone have a pair of these lying around? Looking for sizes 11-12. Maybe a 10.5 Thanks Ethan@mrkpro.com
  13. WTB: Anasazi Slipper

    Looking for a pair of anasazi slippers. Not mocasyms. interested in sizes 10.5-12. ethan@mrkpro.com
  14. Elwha Wall access hindered

    So is this place closed? =(
  15. WTB: Small/Medium Haul Bag

    Looking for a reasonably priced 70L haul bag such as the Metolius Quarter dome. Email: Ethan@mrkpro.com Thanks!