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  1. [img:center]http://www.pbase.com/nolock/image/57591368[/img] Triple Couloirs route is the zig zag route following the obvious couloirs on the right side in this picture. Anyone know what route is left of the buttress...the long couloir left hand side of this picture? Thanks in advance. Dustin
  2. Thx Jason. I'm surprised that there isn't more beta on this route. It looks awesome...in a picture...from a distance. LOL Cheers!
  3. Trip: Newberry Crater - Paulina Falls - Main Falls Date: 1/1/2013 Trip Report: Here's another look at Paulina & current conditions. This was my first time ice climbing in central Oregon. Woot! My partner & I had a great time doing laps on the left side of the main falls. We climbed this formation in 3 different lines. The ice is plenty thick on the left & gets very thin toward the center. We also discovered a cool cave behind the falls. I wish I would have taken a picture from further back; so you could see the whole thing... I hope you enjoy what I did manage to capture. Cheers! Climbers left side falls: looking a bit thin on the sides! We didn't climb there. Climbers right side falls (main falls). There's more to the right out of the picture. Cave behind main falls. Gear Notes: We TR'd using trees above the falls. Bring long webbing/cord if you plan to do this (40-50 ft for each tree you want to use). Approach Notes: Park at 10 mile & cruise the snowmobile trail for about 2 miles to the overlook.
  4. Yep yep... lookin like the Junkyards indeed. I'll be making the journey Northward next month!
  5. [TR] Mt Thielsen - West Ridge 12/08/2012

    Nice job on Thielsen. I tried twice last winter, but got blown off both times. Your pictures have got me thinking about a third attempt... Cheers!
  6. I'm heading to Hyalite for the first time this coming Feb. I have a sweet hookup at Big Sky Resort. To those that have made the trip before me; should I shell out the cash to stay in Bozeman or take the free ride at the Resort? I've never been in the area, so I don't know how much of a hassle it would be to commute every day... Thanks in advance! Dustin
  7. [TR] Hood - Devil's Kitchen HW 11/27/2012

    Nice job! You inspired me to look at this route a little closer... so close that I may have to get up under it when I'm on Hood next weekend (providing weather & conditions permit). Cheers
  8. Mt Hood Climbers Guide

    Congrats Bill! My friends & I will each be buying a copy on launch. Cheers
  9. Where to stay for Hyalite trip?

    Yes, a session at Big Sky sounds good to me. But my climbing partner does not ski or ride... so the trip is indeed ice only! We are definitely juiced about the trip. We are driving the 750 miles right after I get off of work (hopefully straight through); so that we arrive early the next morning... so that we can climb the first day we are in town. YEAH We'll climb all day, hike out in the dark, have some beers over dinner, & sleep. Day 2,3, & 4 should be a repeat of day 1. Day 5 climb til noon if possible & back to the car for the 750 mile commute back to home... smash n grab style! Best part of the entire "All Climbing Trip - All The Time" : my partner is my wife!
  10. Where to stay for Hyalite trip?

    I appreciate the feedback everyone. By "sweet" hookup, I meant to say that i have a friend who can get me a room for my entire stay for FREE. If it's likely a 2 hour drive each way, I don't think I'm down for that... unless of course the climbing in the BS area is worth staying in that area. I've got the appropriate climbing guidebooks, but haven't done my homework yet. Since this is my first ice climbing trip to MT, I figured I would be happy exploring Hyalite alone. Thanks again for the travel beta! Dustin
  11. These are the newer stainless steel version. Mine are like-new still in the box. I used them 3 times. $125 shipped to you! http://cascadeclimbers.com/plab/data/516/medium/DSC04845.JPG http://cascadeclimbers.com/plab/data/516/medium/DSC04847.JPG http://cascadeclimbers.com/plab/data/516/medium/DSC04846.JPG
  12. WTB: Snowshoes

    If you are still looking, I have a pair of MSR Lightning Ascent (30 in.) for sale. I've had them for 2 years; maybe a dozen outings on them. They are in excellent condition. Dustin
  13. [TR] Mount Hood - Reid Headwall 1/8/2012

    Would someone mind linking me a previous post / beta on the route variations mentioned earlier in this post (a reference to 14a & 14b). I am researching the route & would appreciate the beta. Thank you
  14. Final price reduction on softshell Superhero & Guides Down Vest. This is what I've got left. Uploaded photos to flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/58410067@N08/'>http://www.flickr.com/photos/58410067@N08/ All prices include shipping. Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like more pictures emailed to you. I'll update this post as items sell or are pending. Thank you for looking. Climb on! Marmot Superhero Jacket : size XL -- $100 Marmot Guides Down Vest : size L -- $50 Black Diamond Neutrino Carabiners : 12X (2 ea color) -- $50 for all SOLD Petzl Ascenders -- $60 SOLD Petzl Harness -- $20 Marmot Alpinist Jacket : size XL -- $250 SOLD La Sportiva Nepal Boots : size 47 -- $225 SOLD DMM Shield Quickdraws : 7X short, 5X long -- $225 for the lot SOLD Black Diamond Pro Neve Crampons -- $70 SOLD Black Diamond Turbo Express Ice Screw : 13cm -- $45 (new) SOLD 60M Mammot Supersafe Rope (10.2) with bag -- $200 SOLD ITEM DESCRIPTIONS: Superhero Jacket - worn half a season, excellent condition Guides Down Vest - worn 4-5 times, perfect condition Neutrino 12X - used for racking & organizing at home, like new Ascenders - used 3-4 times, perfect condition, no signs of wear Petzl Harness - used 3-4 times, looks brand new Alpinist Jacket - worn 4-5 times, perfect condition Nepal Boots - worn 1 season, very good cond., red superfeet incl. DMM Quickdraws - used 25-30 times at crag, excellent condition Neve Pro Crampons - used 4-5 times, very good condition Turbo Express Screw - never used or taken out of sheath, brand new Supersafe Rope - used with quickdraws 25-30 times, excellent cond. flickr pics are organized into sets (right hand side of screen) http://www.flickr.com/photos/58410067@N08/
  15. PM returned Kletterhund Thx
  16. Most of this gear has never been placed & was purchased new within the last 6 months. The gear that has been placed, has never taken a fall or been weighted. The BD Turbo Express ice screws are brand new & still in original packaging. The Grigri is also brand new & has never been used. I will include a copy of the original receipt if requested. Check out the pictures for a good look at the condition of this gear. I can email close-up pics of the cams too. All prices include shipping within the lower 48. Paypal will be used for payment. PM me with questions or to purchase. Thank you for looking. Black Diamond Turbo Express Ice Screws : 13 CM (NEW) -- $40 ea.(SOLD) Black Diamond C4 Cams : .4, .5, .75, 1, 1, 2, 3 -- $250 for the lot (SOLD) Black Diamond Stopper Set : 1-13 -- $75 for the lot (SOLD) Black Diamond Hexentric Set : 1-11 -- $100 for the lot Petzyl Grigri -- $60 (SOLD)
  17. Pending sales have gone thru. Last screw sold. PM if interested in the full set of BD Hexentrics! Thank you.
  18. Cams sold. Stoppers sold. Sale pending on 2 ice screws : 1 13CM still available. Sale pending on Grigri PM if interested in hexes or the last BD Turbo Express screw. Thank you!