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  1. Joseph, John's approach ridge to Pioneer definitely has less brush than your ridge to Challenger. I'd agree with the assessment of Stefan's group earlier this year that every piece of vegetation on Pioneer is a blessed handhold due to the unrelenting steepness. Both are fun, wholesome routes worthy of multiple trips, in my opinion. Satellite imagery is helpful, but eventually you gotta go risk a few scratches. You did. Nice work.
  2. Thanks for writing up a nice report on my favorite valley in the state. I headed up to explore Picket Creek yesterday, and was very surprised to see the first boot print I have ever seen on my trips up the Baker above Pass Creek. That approach ridge is a little harder than it looks from afar, eh? I've only been up it to about 6,000 ft, so good on ya for pushing it through to Challenger. Once you learn where not to go, you'll be surprised how fast you can get to the toe of that ridge. Glad to hear your enthusiasm for all the unclimbed walls in there. There is a lot of variety just waiting for an adventurous sort. Also, if this was your first trip up the Baker, incredible job! I didn't get nearly that far on the first couple attempts.
  3. Gear looking for new home

    Pm on 2, 9