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  1. Icicle Vandals

    Here are the pictures:
  2. Alpine Phones

    my iphone is a gps, camera, and sometimes also a phone. Pretty handy. I keep in in airplane mode so I can use the camera but not degrade battery life "searching" for service. I use the National Geographic ap for locating myself on the map. I have verizon and I also have the can't get out issue of apparent good service (bars), but no ability to send.
  3. [TR] Mt. Goode - NE Buttress 7/20/2012

    Must have been the party behind mine (Friday afternoon) because my pard and I still have ours and we found a clean summit when we arrived.
  4. love that stuart shadow pic
  5. [TR] Mt. Goode - NE Buttress 7/20/2012

    nice trip report. I followed your footsteps a few days later, but exited thru Stehekin. Thanks for the newer rap slings. We left a few also. I saw one purple rope with a rappel ring pinched over it (but rope not through it). Confused me. I wrote up my climb on Wenatchee Outdoors and it reads just about like yours even with some of the same pics We got on the rock at the exact same spot (same photo too) and had the same experience with loose rock between the snow and the ridge. We decided that lower might have been better. http://www.wenatcheeoutdoorsforum.org/showthread.php?164-Mt-Goode-NE-Buttress-7-26-2012
  6. I used your photos as the final go ahead inspiration and went for it. Here is my trip report from a 7-26,27,28 climb on the NE Buttress. Saw another party of 2 on route. http://www.wenatcheeoutdoorsforum.org/showthread.php?164-Mt-Goode-NE-Buttress-7-26-2012
  7. I'd be interested to see those photos if you can get them back up.
  8. We were sleeping below the Sherpa W. Ridge on Saturday night (Sept. 10) and around 9:15pm a helicopter started making passes from the south (maybe Esmerelda TH) to the north of Stuart. They made many trips. I was curious at first but fell asleep after 3 round trips. My partner told me it kept going for a total of around 10 round trips. Curious why so many back and forths. Anyone know what happened?
  9. Cams, Belay devices, Ski's, more to be added

    PM sent on nuts in case the sale above falls through. These are some good prices. Hope you are able to sell everything!
  10. more gear to sale **lowered prices**

    Got the Trangos in the mail today. Thanks Clubfoot. Looking forward to many miles in them.