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  1. I did get a great deal on airfare, and my brother was a champ with regards to transpo on that end. The dirt bags in JT were a TRIP.
  2. I am heading south for 2 to 3 weeks. Timeline is somewhat flexible, but I can't leave before Jan 25th. Is anyone planing trip to JT? My brother lives in Palm Desert, so we could have some ground support if needed.
  3. I have had this peak in my mind. Thanks for pics and TR.
  4. found on South Early Winters Spire, Th23aug12

    so really, booty? I would rather live in a world where people try to return gear that is not theirs. Is this standard in your climbing community... Please tell me you aren't being serious.
  5. Thieves at Index Town Wall

    yeah. Let's put a lost and found box by the sign at Town Wall. Maybe a CD exchange
  6. Thieves at Index Town Wall

    love it!
  7. Thieves at Index Town Wall

    THANKS. It somehow helps to have you share my pain. Those were my thoughts exactly.
  8. My new Crocs were stolen from the ferns at the bottom of Great Northern Slab today. As I talked to other climbers about this offense, one reported his car was broken into Aug 18 and$500 dollars worth stuff taken (incl. dozens of irreplaceable CD's).
  9. Thanks for letting me know, and for the TR as well!
  10. Yeah, it was an investment of sorts. Sharing the information makes it more worthwhile. : )
  11. thanks! Tyson. Site is going to the dawgs with all those strangers going online ; )
  12. Hiked PCT Bridge Creek and North Fork to take a look at Mt. Goode, NE Buttress Route. Bridge out at the start of the trail is now replaced. Creek crossings at Grizzly Creek were rapid and deep, but doable in the afternoon by a short person. Lots of bushwacking from Grizzly Creek to the base. One patch of stinging nettles. I uploaded pictures of the route and glacier..... hummm.. I wonder where they went.
  13. got sick on R & D

    Sunday, June 9, Icicle Buttress. I got really sick (that sucks) and had to bail off of R&D, at the end of the second pitch. Left pink tricam and #10 stopper. There were two teams coming up behind us. One has my contact info but doesn't seem to be coming through...... Lil help?
  14. cross fit for alpine training?

    I have that book. Really like it, too.
  15. thanks for the GREAT TR. Pics remind me that there is a warm sunny future for us all!