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  1. Nice!!! I hope to top Cruiser in no less than a few years. I went up to Mildred lakes with my sister almost two weeks ago (Aug 13-14). The trail was pretty tough for a trail. There was difficult trail-finding at parts (GPS recommended). We also had to park about 2-3 miles from the trailhead because of bad road, but we saw SUVs and trucks at the trailhead which made it up a stream crossing that was a little to gnarly for our '96 Legacy. Overall, the trip was fun, but hard (~6 hours for 7 mi), and I'm glad I only had an overnight pack.
  2. Here we go! Photos of Jeff! Thanks for packing that rope the whole way even though is saw no use. I'll try to remember the snowshoes next time! I guess we got the one sorta-good day of weather this month! Good trip! -> short (1.5 hr) approach, nice long climb. Summit block was somewhat sketch, so we bailed. (also because of the time!) And yes, skis for when I do it again!
  3. sweet trip report! Now I really can't wait for the ice fest up there next week!
  4. Hello all! Just registered, so I feel I should post something. I know it is a month old now, but Jeff failed to show any proof of our bushwhack. Sorry the photos are only links, I'm too lazy to figure stuff out at the moment. The picture of The Brothers is the only good landscape shot I have. For the Route, as far as I can recall, the more northern side of the ridge is worth 5 min extra hike from car (down FR 100) The bushwhack should was much easier than the eastern side of the ridge. Or, maybe going down through the trees is much easier than grappling up them! All I could see most of the trip, using advanced blur technology for increased action. http://lh5.ggpht.com/_kgTphzUJ-zU/TCu7zubTdJI/AAAAAAAAAm0/AmlwYiqlyHA/s512/P5290381.JPG The south peak of The Brothers. Also the only time the clouds allowed a picture to be taken. http://lh6.ggpht.com/_kgTphzUJ-zU/TCu71NGm-yI/AAAAAAAAAm8/hhkrt_Biu8g/s640/P5290386.JPG Near turn around. http://lh4.ggpht.com/_kgTphzUJ-zU/TCu755cFqzI/AAAAAAAAAnM/-IO7-wEn8a8/s512/P5290400.JPG Bushwhack photo, although I must say that this was the most dense part. http://lh5.ggpht.com/_kgTphzUJ-zU/TCu72Q1oqEI/AAAAAAAAAnE/oDH3I8hBAmE/s640/P5290405.JPG
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