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  1. sold! Petzl Ascension Ascenders - great condition

    I'm interested in these. Where are you located? Would there be a shipping charge?
  2. I've recently moved to Bend and don't have a steady climbing partner yet. I'm still unemployed so am available weekdays or weekends. I'm also into the occasional ski tour. I'm willing to mentor too, don't be shy. I have a reasonably full rack, a sixty meter, a seventy meter, and lead trad to 5.9 (on a good day) and sport to 5.10b or willing to thrash and hangdog harder stuff. Also willing to follow if you need a belayer, I love to learn from better climbers and push myself.
  3. Smith Rock 1/25 & 1/26

    Hi Jason, I'm sorry I missed this post earlier. I've recently moved to Bend and am happy to meet new climbing partners. I'd be happy to climb with you if you head this way again. Please feel free to contact me. PM me if you want my number. I climb up to 5.9 trad and 10's in sport and also have a rack and ropes. Cheers, Tim
  4. Smith Rock 11/25

    Looking for a climbing partner for Smith on Sunday. Weather looks good I've got time and trad or sport equipment. I would need a ride from Bend.
  5. Ride sharing to your favorite crag!

    Looking for ride from Bend or Portland, OR to Bellingham, WA between 11/24 and 11/28. It's just me and a bag or two I can help with gas money and driving and am up for cragging en-route.
  6. Smith Rock 6/14 - 6/17

    I'll be on a family trip to the area and need a climbing partner for a morning or two and a long route day. I have all equipment! Trad or sport. I'll lead trad up to 5.10 if it protects well and am willing to follow harder routes. PM me if interested.
  7. I'm visiting Ashland between 3/11 and 3/15. Looking for someone to climb with. I have a rack and will leaad up to 5.10. Will follow just about anything.
  8. My fam went camping and left me with time but carless. I'm good leading through 5.10b have a rack, 60m or 70m and up for cragging or longer routes. I can do overnighter to. I'm in bellingham.
  9. 2012 Bird Closures Updated Info

    I've been told Midnight and Noontime rocks are closed thru July 31 for falcons. [img:center]http://alpineinstitute.smugmug.com/Other/Web-use/Web-site-slide-show-use/i-zMD8ND5/0/XL/mnightnoonrocksclosure-XL.jpg[/img]
  10. Computer Monitor at Erie Lookout Wall

    Thanks for helping!
  11. Was at Mt. Erie Lookout wall yesterday and there was a lot of debris from a computer monitor and other computer stuff that someone threw off the summit wall I presume. Anyway, as there can be toxic parts of these if someone is headed that way maybe take a couple plastic bags and gloves to clean it up. I will if I go back but it might be a while before I get back. I will also call Anacortes parks dept. tomorrow.
  12. Larabee or Erie Friday!

    I'm bussing/biking from Bellingham tomorrow to skagit and would like to hit Erie or Larabee either going or coming. PM me I've got a rope and light trad rack.
  13. erie tomorrow? 4-13

    I can probably make it happen call me 738-8046 the name's Tim