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  1. Alpine Dads wanted

    Throw me on the list. Great idea! Seattle, aged 37, big mountain experience, lead 5.8ish trad depending on the route. Working on Bulgers.
  2. Partners this week?

    Sent a PM. Cheers.
  3. $20 to anyone who is willing to pick them up from my house in North Seattle. Been baked twice, should have another bake or two in them. Only used once and didn't like the fit (needed a bigger size) but the store I bought them from went out of business so I'm out of luck on an exchange. 425-753-7341 -Jeff
  4. Midweek Big Trip(s)

    Have a bunch of peaks on my 400p list that require a good haul. Having recently been laid off, I now have a bunch of days to do said hauls! Looking for making a run at any of: Jack, Goode, Castle peak (this one http://www.summitpost.org/castle-peak/295595), Pasayten peaks (Monument, Carru, etc), Ragged End peaks (Cosho, Kimtah, etc), or the almost-Canada land (Mox peaks, Custer). Let me know if you're interested. Weeks of July 28-Aug 8 look especially inviting! 4 two 5.7 fiver three .73 four 1 jtinnea with google's mail service.
  5. Climbing early or late Saturday

    Anyone interested in a meet-up with what's left of the morning at x38 or heading out during the cooler evening temps? Evening could be pretty much anywhere: Index, Erie, LW, whatever. -Jeff cell: 425 753 7341
  6. Anyone need a partner to go hit something while the weather is good tomorrow? The Tooth would seem a fun day-trip as would Erie. I can lead around a 5.6 with trad and follow a 5.9/easy 5.10. I also enjoy a good scramble. Throw me an idea!
  7. Southside Hood Thursday 2/9

    Looking for someone interested in a SS Hood run tomorrow. I need to be back in North Seattle by 5:30pm so am planning to head down tonight and alpine start it. I don't mind picking up anyone along the I-5 corridor on my way down. Text me if you're interested 425-753-7341 -Jeff
  8. Hi all, we are climbing the Denali West Buttress Route from 06/07/2012 -07/02/2012 and are looking for team members to join us. If you are interested and believe you have the proper skill level for a 3-4 week expedition style climb on a big mt in extreme conditions please let me know and I can fill you in with more details, e.g. expected costs, equipment, accommodations route info etc. You also may wish to review the Denali Park Climbing Booklet, see link - recommended: http://www.nps.gov/dena/planyourvisit/booklet.htm.'>http://www.nps.gov/dena/planyourvisit/booklet.htm. -Also please note that Denali National Park emphasizes team self-reliance, albeit they do have a manned ranger station and volunteer doctor at “14K camp” and weather permitting a ranger at “17K camp,” but each team is expected to be completely self-supporting. Skill Level Needed: Very strong physical condition, good mountaineering skills, team player and preferably some time on big mountains. Main Difficulties: Altitude, time on the mountain (3 weeks plus or minus); physical strength, weather can be nasty, extreme cold. Route: West Buttress Itinerary: The key to success is weather and acclimatization. If we allow ourselves proper time on the mountain we should be able to summit and get safely down. If we complete sooner we can spend extra days in Talkeetna,Anchorage or get early flights back. Necessary Gear: Please see the Denali Park Climbing link above – or your welcome to email me with any personal gear questions. Once we have a list of who is going we will access group gear, e.g. ropes, anchors, tents, beacons, stoves, posh, food etc. Count on carrying a 50lb backpack and pulling a heavy sled. (Sleds are already provided for us by Talkeetna Air) Here are some basics re the costs/travel details etc.: $470.00 (Apx): Fly Seattle to Anchorage: This is up to you – meet 06/07/12 at Anchorage Airport by Carousel 1 @ 2:00 PM (meet time may change but the date is the same so it is okay to book your flight) $160.00: Bus Anchorage To Talkeetna: $160 R/T (for parties of 4 or more) – or meet us in Talkeetna $45.00: Accommodations In Talkeetna: We get one free night each way at the Talkeetna Air Bunkhouse – it comes with the flight, however for days before/after recommend Talkeetna Motel @ $45 per night, split– 2 beds. $525.00: Fly Talkeetna to Denali Base camp: Talkeetna Air - $525.00 per person – I have already locked in this lower price reserving early. (125 lbs. per climber) $350.00: Per person special use fee per climber ($250 for climbers age 24 and under), in addition to the $10 park entrance fee. TTL before Anchorage Flight and Gear: $1,080.00 We already have reservations for the team with Talkeetna Air and have informed the rangers of our team, arrival and will get our 'team permit’ once you have been approved –you will know this in advance since you will be submitting your application 60 days or more prior to the trip date. (The rangers just want to ensure that you are safe and capable to climb the mt in its’ extremes and that you are not professionally guiding: “...All climbers attempting Mt. McKinley (20,320 feet) must register with Denali National Park and Preserve 60 days in advance. The strictly enforced 60-day pre-registration regulation allows mountaineering rangers to have direct contact with climbers before they arrive in Talkeetna...” If you are interested email me – I will also send periodic reminders if you are considering, we need an absolute commitment date by April 1, 2012 (as you will need 60 days in advance to register with Denali National Park and Preserve). However we would like to meet as a team in Feb or March to do at least one weekend climb together locally for team gel, gear checks etc. Thx! Jeff & Dave jtinnea (with) hotmail http://www.nps.gov/dena/planyourvisit/booklet.htm
  9. Denali // May 2012

    PM sent!
  10. Hood Friday night

    Anyone interested in Hood on Friday or Friday night? Potentially 11pm-ish leave the parking lot, summit by dawn, car by lunch. I'm coming from Seattle and can drive you if you're local/on the way. Avi report is looking perfect and weather is supposed to hold until 4pm-ish on Saturday. Heck, don't even need chains on the road to the lodge right now! Feel free to PM me if you're interested. I'm semi-open on choice of routes if you have something in mind. -Jeff
  11. July 27-31 Redoubt & Spickard

    I have July 27-31 off work and want to go climb Redoubt and Spickard from the Depot Creek approach. The trip will take 4-5 days (I'm open to either a 4 or 5 day trip. Three is possible but will be really rough). There's glacier travel so I'd like at least one other person to go with so I can rope up (yes, I travel with others for selfish reasons =). The approach means going into Canada so I need a partner with a valid passport. If you have a truck/SUV/high-clearance vehicle that's a plus too as the road gets crappy at the end. If not, I have no problem taking "the mountain car" ('01 Lumina sedan) as far as it will go and hiking the rest. If you're up for true remoteness, this is the climb for you! Send me an email. Awesome times await. -Jeff PS, if the weather/conditions aren't workable for Redoubt/Spickard, I'm thinking of using the Pasaytens as a back-up plan. I have some unfinished business with those mountains.
  12. Red Mountain (Snoqualmie) Thursday or this weekend

    Might also try for Friday if anyone is interested. Just let me know
  13. Hey all, looking for a partner who's interested in Red Mountain (the one at Snoqualmie) either tomorrow (Thursday), a later start on Saturday (like 10am or so), or an early start on Sunday (pre-dawn). I need to get my climbing fitness back on track for the season, and break in my new plastics reply to this post, PM me, or call or txt: 425 753 7341 -Jeff