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  1. Looking to get out and all my regulars are busy. Have alpine rack and lead up mid fifth alpine. Hit me up.
  2. Still looking? I have Monday-Friday available and no partners this week. Was thinking about bagging Azurite tomorrow and Tuesday.
  3. I have Monday through Friday off every week and get out a lot. I have a lot of good people I climb with regularly but not everyone can get out as much as I do, so I'm looking to add to my network of partners. Some objectives I am interested in for the rest of the summer... Boston, Forbidden, Chilliwacks, Dorado Needle, Klawatti, Austera, Goode... I am fast and experienced. Hit me up and we'll talk objectives.
  4. Looking for belay partners for the Redmond gym. I have Tuesday and Thursday evenings free. I can also do early sessions (until about 9:45am) during the week. I am currently top-roping up to 10c, not lead belay certified at VW but I have the ability to and would like to start lead climbing at the gym. Let me know, -Fletcher
  5. I want to do Cannon soon but have decided to go in and out via Aasgard. Its quite a bit longer but I have never heard a good word said about the NW Ridge route.
  6. Le Piston, I think I have your glove if you would like it back.
  7. As of now, there are three of us planning on going. We need a fourth person. This class is out of Mazama, good chance of nice sunshine over there. The third day they take you up for a snowmobile assisted ski tour, think they might take you up towards WA Pass. $295 for the course, we havent really figured lodging out yet. Should be cool though, and a good price for such a small group!
  8. I lost my blue Sony Cybershot, it was encased in a lime green camera case. I am pretty sure I dropped it at my car. We were parked across from the entrance to Upper Johnny Creek Campground. This camera had a ton of yet-to-be-uploaded photos on it with a lot of sentimental value. If the camera is found I would love to have it returned to me. Thank you, -Fletcher
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