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  1. Peshastin Pinnacles Gettin' Mothballed

    I actually worked for state parks for 3 years... so I was not making vague promises of hours. My volunteer sheet for the hours I have given since I have moved on speaks for itself.
  2. Peshastin Pinnacles Gettin' Mothballed

    Losing this would be a shame. Cleaning park toilets does SUCK, but maybe we can all write in our letters to the parks department that we are willing to help out to keep services open and ask what we can do to help them. In fact, I'm going to go write the head of that region right now.
  3. Will follow or lead sport and/or trad. As long as it is within 2.5 hours drive from seattle. I just want to get on some rock.
  4. Where should I climb?

    I was hoping to be over in Wenatchee for school, but I can't turn down a scholarship. Damn being poor.
  5. Where should I climb?

    Starting in January my soul is sold to Nursing School for the next two solid years. This means the beginning of the end for climbing for a while and a quick descent into misery. I have plenty of routes in Tieton and Index I want to get on before I hole up in my basement, but I need suggestions for good routes in Leavenworth and surrounding areas. I can comfortably lead 5.8 trad and 510- sport. I will follow anything under hard 11s. Any suggestions of where I should hit up would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Look on the bright side: your wife got a brand spankin' new pair of shoes. Let the anger go, or save the board and take it out on a rock!
  7. Cleaning at Index

    LEFT AT THE RAIL SPIKE ANCHORS ON GNS: I left my favorite purple, pRana beanie on the ground/ledge at the anchors on GNS on 9/15. If you have found it please pm me! Thanks in advance - B
  8. offwidths and puking

    Oh my god... this makes me never want to stop crack climbing. Fucking fantastic.
  9. Changing established routes?

    It's definitely been moved... No jackass has fessed up to it yet. If they read this: Please enlighten us, Wise One.
  10. Thanks for sticking up for us short climbers... That did make it much scarier.
  11. I want to follow!

    Just PM me with your information and I will contact you.
  12. I want to follow!

    I am looking to follow 100 trad pitches this season and I am only at 35 or so. If anyone is willing to let me follow them to learn placement I would be forever grateful. I have followed 10c crack at Tieton. I climbed pure joy at the bend last weekend. It was just that. I have only led 5.6 trad at Tieton so I don't want to bore someone with having to follow me... Please let me be your belay whore. I will drive to meet you.
  13. Memorial for Molly Shay - Please attend

    Jim, I believe you are who her mom is desperately looking to meet. Was she climbing with you in Leavenworth and did you work Stevens Pass with her? If so, please call me asap.
  14. Sadly, young Molly Austin Shay, an avid rock climber, passed away this last Monday. A celebration of her life will be held on Sunday, July 11 from 1-4 pm at the Little Community Chalet at the Camaloch Golf Course located at 326 NE Camano Drive, Camano Island, WA 98282. Her family requests that anyone who ever climbed with her, met her, or just would like to pay their respects please attend. Rock climbing was Molly's dream and she has made that dream come true over the last year of her life. We are all very grateful to those who helped to participate in making Molly's life a fulfilling one. For more information please call Breanne at 206 227 1448.
  15. Looking to climb?

    I am looking for a partner to climb with based out of Seattle area. I can lead sport 10a and have followed on a few multi-pitch trad routes(hardest being 10b). I am interested in alpine/ice/trad/multi-pitch... you name it. I am looking for an experienced climber that is willing to teach as well as others around my same level to climb with. I work Friday through Sunday, so I climb mid-week. Mostly interested in learning Alpine currently. My phone number is (2zero6) 22seven 1448. Give me a call or send me a text, as I don't have internet at the house.