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  1. Put me on the "maybe" list. I'll let you know by the end of the day.
  2. MT.Rainier

    Kurt and I are looking for climbing partners for the Rainier DC route this weekend. (15th-17th) Our 3rd partner (and driver) isn't able to make it this weekend. Any takers?
  3. Howdy folks! Next week is the official From Zero to Everest climb of Mt. Rainier and I'm looking for a couple of other able-bodied mountaineers to climb the standard route. Weather-permitting, I'd like to climb in the middle of next week or over the weekend. The climb is to help raise awareness of The Moyer Foundation's Camp Erin program... a bereavement camp for kids & teens suffering the loss of a loved one. They currently have 36 camps in 23 states and 1 in Canada. Just a few weeks ago I volunteered as "big buddy" at Camp Erin King County and got to see first-hand the magic that happens there. It is a truly incredible program. The climb will draw some media attention so plan to be on your best behavior, haha. Let me know if you're interested! -Skylar 206-354-7518 or skylar AT fromzerotoeverest.com
  4. [TR] Mt. Baker - Coleman/Deming Glacier 2/20/2010

    Bummed that I didn't feel well but I'm glad I decided against suffering through a long summit day while sick. The weather was incredible all weekend though. Nice job guys! I'll post my photos when I get them all organized.
  5. [TR] Hidden Lakes Peak - 2/6/2010

    Really liked the photos of the "Hidden" Lake Lookout. Barely an outline of the building peeking out of the snow.