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  1. powder ski setup, marker duke

    This isn't a "climbing setup" but it's a ski setup. Marker duke, quiver killer inserts, Bluehouse "shoots" skis with minimal use (a couple seasons), good bases/edges. The skis and bindings are heavy, so this is not an "alpine" setup, but it's a powder/slack country setup.. I would keep but I'm downsizing my gear and I am skiing only tele. Here is the ad/pictures. Price is somewhat negotiable as I would like to sell before I hit the road again (leaving Bellingham area probably Tuesday, Jan 21). http://bellingham.craigslist.org/spo/4290254675.html PH: 360 670 6889
  2. Holy crap, that glacier is taking a beating. Even with our large snowpack this year. Haven't seen it in a couple years and it's looking like it's falling apart. Best thing to do is climb everything now I guess cause it's all going to melt!
  3. [TR] snow creek wall - Hyperspace 8/23/2011

    Looks like a sweet climb! I'll trade you that nice granite flake for some of this gneiss choss over here?
  4. [TR] Dragontail - Chasin Tail FA 7/24/2011

    Glad to see you're fixed up and going after it again! Although, that hernia belt was such a style factor it probably would help you climb a whole grade higher cause it looks so good on you.
  5. [TR] Mt. Buckner - trifecta 7/24/2011

    Saw you guys on your way down from Sehale arm that night, I was definitely jealous of those turns you guys are getting in late July! I will sift through my partner's camera and see if there are any shots of you guys going down. Looked like a great trip, we did about the same but a different order. Louie-- I have yet to officially meet you, but I know of you through Henry and Kurt, good to see you're going after it since this spring/summer is amazing for skiing so far!!
  6. Elwha Wall access hindered

    I would usually give it a good solid day of no rain to go out and play on it. There are a couple routes that tend to be more dry then others. If it has been several days of heavy rain and water table is high the rock will be seeping for a good couple days afterwards as well. So short answer -- depends on how much rain there was.
  7. Elwha Wall access hindered

    Was randomly on CC and saw this post -- I'm guessing this is Jeremy, good to see ya on here. I should post more TR's and give back to the community for all the beta I gather from this site... Anyways, should try to find two crappy old canoes and leave one on each side of the lake a top the dam, might make for an entertaining approach
  8. Thanks for the TR. About to head that way my next days off from the Stehekin (south side) of cascade pass. Enough snow I almost want to lug my skis the 24 miles just to cross that glacier and ski onto horseshoe basin. Could you tell if the 'shrund onto the N. Face couloir is crossable?
  9. Leavenworth ice update

    This is taken on Dec, 29th of White Slab over on Snow Creek.. so if anyone wants to know conditions of that here is a photo from across the creek.
  10. Leavenworth ice update

    yeah would not recommend hubbahuba at the moment. I climbed it on Tue (Dec 28) and ended up mixed/super thin ice at the top. Also, update on Millenium wall conditions aren't too bad, if you're looking for ice should be even better now since we climbed it on wed (Dec 29). okay ice towards bottom, tons of snow above it 'til the tree. Just like Hubbahubba it thins out towards the top.
  11. [TR] mt baker - pan dome 12/27/2009

    Lost a left BD contact strap-on crampon yesterday (Jan. 3rd) if anyone is going up and finds it please let me know.. Thanks!
  12. [TR] mt baker - pan dome 12/27/2009

    busy day as in a lot of climbers or people on the slopes?
  13. Down south in Bellingham we have had some relatively warm spells, so I was guessing the same would be going on farther north (warm spell then freezing) however you're right it has been really dry.
  14. [TR] mt baker - pan dome 12/27/2009

    I know where I'm going.. I heard it was raining up there today though? can anyone verify?
  15. Trip: Duffy Lake area, near Lillooet B.C. - rambles right & rambles center Date: 12/29/2009 Trip Report: Trip: Duffey Lake area, near Lillooet B.C. - rambles right & rambles center Date: 12/29/2009 Trip Report: Dec. 29th 2009: 2nd day of trip decided to head to Duffey (sp?) Lake area and do some easy multi-pitch for the new climbers we brought. ---------------- Rambles right -------------- Rambles right seemed like a perfect area for nice intro to multi-pitch ice. However, we were wrong. The first pitch is so thin none of us (Kapper, Adam, me) wanted to lead. We saw some boot tracks to the right and followed those. It leads all the way around first pitch to an easy 4th class scramble and eventually out to the base of upper tier of rambles right. The other guys might have some pictures of rambles right but can't remember, might have been too busy enjoying the day and drinking hot cocoa. Upper tier looked a bit too hard for our beginners we brought so ended up double rope TR the first section (the one none of us wanted to lead). Here are the pics: First section of Rambles Right. As you can see fairly thin and hard to protect if leading.. TR -- made for fun delicate climbing.. Kapper being Kapper, no need to wonder why this guy is red flagged at border! He just looks like trouble. --------------- Rambles Center ---------------- After some TR which turned out to be too hard for the new climbers we brought headed back to rambles center.. Which was GREAT! Super sticky and easy to protect. Great ice right now. Leading first pitch Rambles center.. couldn't have asked for better So enjoyable we ended up staying after dark to do some headlamp climbing! Gear Notes: Rambles center lead only about 3 or 4 screws needed Approach Notes: About 45 min approach. A lot of scrambling but well worth if for rambles center. Can be slippery but did not need to crampon up, snow was just dry.