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  1. Aztar mods?

    id love to see pics of aztar mods. was thinking about this with my aztars
  2. I have a new pair of Nepal Evos and some plastic Koflachs Degrees i got off ebay for like 120. Obviously the Evos are way lighter and more manuverable and the plastics feel a big sloppy, but I'm not sure about how warm the evos are as I've never had them out in winter. I know the plastics are super warm (though you sacrifice a bit of precision). what do you guys think? which would you take up winter alpine and snow climbs in cali? specifially shasta and palisade climbs. thanx
  3. MSR vs. Jet boil

    dude if you have the reactor WHY are you looking at the jetboil. jetboil sucks for climbing. they dont work in the cold. the one i had (returned to rei) failed in the wind at 10kft on shasta last spring. its great for fairweather stuff, but completely unreliable and frankly dangerous for the cold/wind. if my buddy didnt have a whisperlite we would have been in trouble. the reactor is the SHIT
  4. Mine is a disaster. Its getting cleaned tomorrow, then i will post an "after" pic.
  5. I followed the "so you want to sharpen your tools" article and this is what i came up with. I screwed up a little bit, but overall i'd say decent.
  6. First Attempt Home Tool Sharpening Job

    yeah its so i can get one placement then stack tools and pull up
  7. Seller told me it was from turn of the century and he got it from an antique shop in Switzerland. He said it was a military man's axe, "AZ" bearing his initials. Can anyone who knows more than me confirm the age/authenticity? It looks like the original sling material on it. Makes a great conversation piece in my office!
  8. Old axe i picked up on ebay

    those are beautiful! did you varnish the handles?
  9. Gear Closets...Lets see em

    ive seen a big bro placed onces, ill tell you, i wouldnt want to fall on one. id rather fall on a cam any day
  10. Gear Closets...Lets see em

    What is that monster cam??
  11. Old axe i picked up on ebay

    ok pics fixed. i paid 200 (which i thought was a lot, but i like the way it looks)
  12. Gear Closets...Lets see em

    holy shit. now THATS a rack!
  13. Gear Closets...Lets see em

    the pack hanging up i just got for the winter, its brand new, so is the tool with the adze. i dont know what to say i paid a lot of money for this shit. i try to take care of it
  14. Old axe i picked up on ebay

    i just uploaded them to photobucket. i dont know how to make them smaller. if anyone knows id sure appreciate the help
  15. Middle Palisade Beta?

    I'm heading up towards the end of Nov. I've been up there in late fall, but not winter. Anyone whos climbed it in winter before: what can I expect in terms of snow level/temp/conditions. Also what kind of pro did you take. thanks
  16. Middle Palisade Beta?

    yes normal east face route
  17. Ive got a Marmot Pinnacle 15Deg bag I use for backpacking and non-winter mountaineering, but I'm planning on doing a few 14ers this winter and I think a warmer bag would be needed and I'm looking for advice. I'm considering getting a below zero rated bag like the Western Mountaineering Puma -25 or the Feathered Friends equivalent, but I'm wondering also if a 0 Degree bag like the Western Mountaineering Kodiak might be sufficient. I don't want to have to buy another bag if I decide to do a bigger mountain some day. Advice?
  18. I need a bag for winter mountaineering...

    i bought a Western Mountaineering -10 Lynx in the Microfiber XP
  19. I need a bag for winter mountaineering...

    Bags are $25 but have a lot of stems, seeds and shake in them at that price. ps, I think Feather Friends or Western Mountaineering bags are the way to go. Much higher quality down. not my bags bro. haha. we don't do seeds and sticks in norcal. I just picked this up for 545 shipped in long WM Lynx
  20. PLB recommendations?

    I have a ACR Terrafix 406. Call REI's 800 number and see if they have any more. I got mine on clearance 2 months ago for 400 bucks. They're not on the website, but REI may still have some in the wearhouse. Whatever you do, don't get a Spot--those things are worthless shit
  21. Tents

    lol, dont buy a bibler. im 6'2 and my head and feet touch the ends of my eldorado. the ahwahnee might fit you?
  22. Gear Closet Sale

    OK, time to clear out some stuff.... Marmot Couloir 800 Fill Down 0 Degree. Left Zip. Includes Storage and Stuff Sack. Brand New. $250 Marmot Pinnacle 800 Fill Down 15 Degree. Left Zip. Includes Storage and Stuff Sack. Used 5 Times. $175 North Face Nuptse Vest. Black. Like New--Worn literally one Time. $75 Camp Tricams. (.5, 1, 1.5, 2). Never Placed. $40 for the Set BD Wired Hexentrics. (11, 10, 9, 8). Never Placed. $40 for the Set. MSR Miniworks Filter. Well-loved. $20 MSR Sidewinder 2 Tent. Freestanding, 2 Poled, 3 Season, 2 Person. No rips/tears. Great condition. Minor mildew smell. $50 Grivel Nepal SA Montblanc Ice Axe. Red Curved Shaft. Only carried, never used. Very minor wear. No Leash $50 Thermarest Prolite 3 Reg. Orange. Used. One tiny hole patched same color as pad. $25 PM me or email at connollyck(NOSPAM)@gmail.com. Buy my stuff!
  23. Gear Closet Sale

    Sorry, Large