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  1. We are looking to meet some local climbers in Whistler/Lake Duffy to get some vibe about the area and climb some ice. We are here for the next couple of days traveling from Bellingham, WA. Looking forward to get on some single pitch routes for starters.
  2. First time we went (3 weeks ago) there were no footprints anywhere. We parked across footbridge on left. Please help! !!!!!
  3. Good to know! We are going to head out north for the next week or so and pluck away at ice on our way to Field. Hopefully something develops on Baker by the end of the month for a quick burn. Looks like Canadian climbing shops may have enough beta to get me started.
  4. Any lead able WI3's? Anything top rope able in? What's the best mountain shop in Canada to buy a guide book?
  5. Yep heard that! Any lead able WI 3 or anything top ropeable in?
  6. Ice park in Ouray is our experience. Lead some short WI3's mostly man made ice.
  7. Icicle canyon sounds intriguing!
  8. What's the closest Canadian Rockies ice to Bellingham. We got passports.
  9. Just went to Mt Baker. The ski area ice. Still very wet but forming. We are heading to Leavenworth next weekend for their Christmas fest. Anything in around there yet?
  10. Those climbs look good to me! The plan is to go play around on the glacier for a few times to get my swing back. Having 4 days a week off I'm prepared to drive reasonable distances for some high quality ice. I appreciate your input.
  11. I'm interested in single pitch easy to moderate ice climbs with relatively easy approach within 2 hours drive from Bellingham. Is anything in yet this time of year?