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  1. Found a better version of the second shot: http://www.metmuseum.org/Collections/search-the-collections/190016682?rpp=60&pg=1&ft=*&who=Carleton+E.+Watkins&pos=32 Click full-screen and you can zoom in real close. There's a pinnacle lower left, if that's what the historical argument is about. (I haven't climbed there since I was a kid.)
  2. Painting of Beacon Rock made sometime between 1857 and 1862 (sig looks like James W. Alden) Castle Rock, Columbia River - 1867 - Carleton Watkins Castle Rock - Arthur B. McAlpin and Charles Lamb - circa 1889
  3. QITNL

    cry for help

    Hey Oleg - You are doing a real solid for your son. Climbers are the biggest ego-maniacs and non-egotists. With that disclaimer, here is my simple advice: 1) Move 2) Adjust Best luck, -Joe
  4. I have a spare I need to sell at some point. Regular sized Grivel Salamander (they make only one size), color white. Brand new with tags in original box. I'm in the SF Bay area, so I'd have to ask you to PayPal & I would ship. Price online seems to be around $80+ including shipping, so I'd ask $50, shipping included. Sound fair?
  5. Hey off_the_hook - Holy crap, I think that's the second time we crossed paths. The first time was here: http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/977771/TR_Crown_Point_Peeler_Lake_Roc We were heading back down around the same time last Sunday, you were making good time and gave me a startle. I remember your little yellow pack, mine was black and much larger. I'm terrible with recognizing faces but next time I must remember you! I was on my way down from a few days wandering around the lakes, Vagabond Peak & Cloudripper. I'm still sorting through my shots, but a few more and higher-rez versions are here: http://www.qitnl.com/v/070111/ Here are a few shots of Mt Sill: You're fast, dude!
  6. FYI: It looks like the JetBoil Sol just hit the streets so some folks might be putting their old ones on the market. The Sol is a little smaller and much lighter - and more expensive, especially if you go for the Ti. Supposed to work better in the cold.
  7. Hi Ryan (I hope that's your real name!) I just sent payment via PayPal to you. Let me know if everything works out on your end. Thanks, -Joe
  8. Hey Lovetoclimb - these sound like they would fit me perfectly. I've sent you a PM, hopefully you have received it. Thanks - Joe
  9. My first taste of Oregon Climbing History was with this gentleman: From: http://www.johannsonline.com/a/heritage.html Ed Johann & his family had a little climbing shop at the Rhododendron House in SW Portland. He and his son-in-law Gary Craghead ran a guiding service, Johann Mountain Guides. From: http://www.oregonphotos.com/Oregon-Gear-Companies1.html I was in 9th grade, must have been '78 or so, and was able to talk them & my parents into letting me tag along. After a basic snow travel course, we went up St. Helens (back when she had a top and an awesome glissade) and Hood. At the time it was like 25 bucks! - life was cheap back then. Real nice people and the best introduction to the sport that anyone could have. There's not much else on the web about them. Curious to hear if any of you ran across these guys.
  10. I'm not familiar with Millet ropes but thought I'd post this anyway: Millet Magma Dynamic Climbing Rope - 9.4mm $119.89 9.4mm http://www.norwaysports.com/millet-magma-dynamic-climbing-rope-green/
  11. Hey off_the_hook - Nice shots! And I do believe I gave you a "howdy" as you were coming down the trail. Somewhere between Barney Lake and the trailhead, last Saturday, 9/11, around 4-5pm. I was starting up around then. You had a couple water bottles strapped to your vest and looked like you were hardly breaking a sweat, man. It was my first time in the area and it's pretty darm awesome. Kinda naked this time of year. Add some snow and it will be even more awesomer. I will return. I saw a ton of stuff I want to do. I took my time, camped at Barney Lake, headed over the donkey passes, over Matterhorn Peak and down Horse canyon. A most pleasant weekend. I took too many pictures and still need to sort through them. They are here: http://www.qitnl.com/v/091110/ Nice to "meet" you. -Joe
  12. I've had to switch to wider boots over the last couple of years due to some foot pain. That, Sole inserts, and tennis balls have done the trick. I've tried pretty much everything above and it's all too narrow, Asolo, La Sportiva, Scarpa, Kayland etc. The only brand that seems to be consistently wide enough is Vasque, from their light hikers to the SuperAlpinsta. I took a pair of these out for a test drive last weekend. http://www.rei.com/product/803192 I think I'll keep them. The Mulaz soles are nice. Unfortunately I think this might be the last batch of mountaineering boots to come from Vasque: http://www.vasque.com/mountaineering-boots No Products Found. Drats.
  13. QITNL

    BLT climbing club?

    That's not a bad idea. They could install some of those bacon dispensers next to the anchors. Otherwise I'll just to stick to climbing with vegans. I think some of these LBLT climbers are vegetarians. I'll trade them all the L and T they want and they can give me all their B, mmm, bacon.
  14. QITNL

    BLT climbing club?

    I saw this flyer at our local gym, it was something about a BLT climbing club. Have you guys ever come across such a thing? It might have said LBLT, I'm not sure - maybe they like extra lettuce. But I climb with this vegan guy sometimes and he doesn't eat bacon. So we could trade, I could have a BBLT and he could have an LLLT, that would work for both of us. Yum, extra bacon. Personally, I think a BLT climbing club would be real cool. Climb a route, eat a BLT, another climb, another sandwich. If they had some coffee, that would be perfect. I guess that's how a BLT climbing club would work, right? Just checking since the concept is new to me, maybe you guys have heard of this before or have some experience?
  15. Jake, I'm sorry - I was referring to the sign-up procedure at oregonlive. It kept crashing on me. I met a photographer from the paper last week who said the site sucked - yep, he was right. The longer it took me, the more time I had to think "why am I doing this?" And if gave me a moment to realize that as a participant in the media business - as well as a climber - sometimes I just have to say: NO! That is unprofessional, and that behavior is unacceptable. Sure, the third frame was cute, but the last frame was simply WRONG. If they want to discuss beacons, that's one thing. But you do not mock the cards and wreaths which a family is currently laying on the casket of their child. Discussions here or on other message boards are one thing. SummitPost, somewhere its gush of ego diarrea, referenced the respectful handling of the subject here. But a professional organization such as The Oregonian (I have a sick feeling this came out in print) is duty-bound to hold itself to journalistic standards. They are not entitled to piss on the graves of their own front page. No joke. That was completely insensitive; let's see if they have the guts to apologize. I would.
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