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  1. To Help Or Not to Help?

    I agree, if a climber is obviously injured, or you recognize he, (or she) is in trouble...it is well worth it to help & assist, hopefully it may not ruin your summit bid, but in that moment & time, the time to act is now. I'd make that decision & sacrifice without a second thought. One ironic "IF" I always consider however, is if the person is obviously dumber than a bag of rocks, (i.e.no proper gear to the point of being ridiculous; i.e. trek shoes, windbreaker well above the snowline, obivous lack of skills, etc..)I politely stress not to proceed due to weather & time of day, at their own risk....if they still ignore the "advice" then F-'em. (see ya on 10 o'clock news dumbass) ~rik
  2. Who wants to climb Mt Raineer?

    jmo, ...well at least you've been to Muir, the rest of the way, wouldn't be too difficult? I'm up that way july 3-8....tell me more. So far I've recieved 2 "nibbles", and one possible committment, just waiting for their further replies, nothing confirmed as of yet. I know someone, or some people are eventually going to want to climb Rainier as July 4th gets closer. Who wouldn't want to climb?!!! ~rik
  3. Who wants to climb Mt Raineer?

    Thanks Zeroforhire, I'll look into rmi & aai....people will actually show me how, from this board forum....that'll be cool too. $50.00 (or beer) is right reasonable. ~rik
  4. Hi All, Looks like trying to get a climbing partner for Mt. Rainier is a somewhat difficult task. My name is Rik, live in San Diego. I am looking for a climbing partner, or partners, I can join up with to climb Mt. Rainier. I will be at Mt. Rainier July 3-8, I have never climbed Rainier but would like to, unfortunately, I cannot climb it alone. I've been climbing since 1994. Have done Mt. Fuji, Shasta, summitted Whitney 15 times, Baldy 60+, and San Jancinto, Gorgoniio, and Wilson countless times. I've climbed in all seasons, know how to use my ice ax, crampons, etc... have done single, and multiple day climbs, know my knots...BUT, have no crevesse experience...I do know how to use my ascenders however, and am quick to perform boot & body belays. My pace is average, I am defintely, not slow, and would be a good addition to any team...nobody has to hold my hand!!! Anyways let me know if your interested. ~rik
  5. Looking for climbing partner(s)?

    ...so far not well, but its still early...its only May afterall. I imagine as July 4th approaches, there'll be someone(s) interested. Worse case senario is simply sitting in Paradise parking lot with a sign looking for a partner, or partners to climb with. I'm already committed with the airfare & car rental, have everything ready. I've been requesting climbing partners because everyone who originally committed to climb w/ me cancelled, so i'm left "holding the bag" I've sent letters requesting solo permission but no-go. time will tell. ~rik
  6. Hi Baps, My email is z11zoom@hotmail.com, or mtnclimber17@gmail.com thanks, ~rik
  7. Who wants to climb Mt Raineer?

    Ok, any recommendations for instruction up there? ~rik
  8. Mount Rainier..who's in?

    I'll be up there on July 3rd-7th, would like to team up w/ someone. I have no crevasse experience, but experience in everything else...anyways if you need to reach me, I'm at 760.752 .1467 ~rik
  9. Good Luck Mike...I've been trying to team up with someone...anyone!! for Rainier. I'll be up there July 3-7. No....I've never climbed Rainier, but I'm not a novice to climbing either. Anyone seriously interested, call me...760.752.1467 (san diego). The only skill I don't have is crevasse skills, but I can belay anyone, I can certainly climb up a rope w/ my ascenders, I've climbed in all seasons, all terrains. I'll probably end up in the parking lot at Paradise with a sign that says "will climb for food" Its so hard to find a climbing partner, or partners in this forum....hopefully, I'll hear something from somebody by June at this rate. ~rik
  10. Who wants to climb Mt Raineer?

    Hey Mountainlover73 - I'm looking for a partner for Mt. Rainier. I'll be up there july 3-8th. Never been to Rainier but would love to climb it. Experienced climber, the only thing I don't have is crevasse experience, but do know how to use my ascenders to climb up a rope. I know my knots, can belay. Ask me for more details. ~rik
  11. what can i do solo

    Hi All, I too would like to climb solo, particularly Rainier, but that's not allowed I am told. I'll be up at Rainier this July 3-7, and would like to partner up with another partner, or partners....any takers out there? I'm having very little luck in finding a climbing partner....I'm guessing my chances may improve as we get closer to July, and others are wanting to climb Rainier in a more oppourtune time. ....let me know you people out there, I can offer any additional information you may require....I've posted in 'climbing partners' & in 'rainier np'...no luck yet, but I remain optimistic. seriously interested climbers need only reply. :-) ~rik
  12. Rainier or C Cascades 4/26-7

    Hi Nick I'm kinda fixed on Rainier, do you know anybody, or some other place I can inquire? I'm not familiar with Colchuck, or Shuckson. I've never been to Washington state. ~r
  13. Mount Rainier..who's in?

    I'm interested. I'll be at Mt. Rainier on July 2-7. Looking to hook up w/ a partner, or partners up that standard route from Paradise. Let me know please. ~rik
  14. Hi, I am looking for a climbing partner(s) for a July 2-7 climb of Mt. Ranier. Or please direct to a site where I can inquire? I'm down in San Diego, CA. ~rik