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  1. If you left your boots at the Iron Gate trailhead let me know and I will get these to you.
  2. Wow, what an adventure. This has to be the most entertaining trip report I have ever read. I think he was trying to say "thin shits" when he said "tin shits." A German slang word for diarrhea is D√ľnnschiss, which literally means thin shit. I am sure there are many similar cognates in other Germanic languages.
  3. [TR] Glacier Peak - Car-to-Car 7/18/2010

    As a heavily-equipped weekend hiker who saw you on the trail on the way down on Sunday, I was more shocked that your equipment indicated you were about to do a really long route in one day, especially considering how tired I was at that point. I do not believe we had more coversation than "Good morning, how are you?" The weekend had quite the lovely weather in this serene location. Congrats on a car to car summit. That is quite the endurance trip.
  4. Skiing Vesper sounds like a blast. I am surprised there was even enough snow, but I am sure you were not complaining. Plastic boots on Vesper in August? Now that is odd.
  5. [TR] Mt. Baker - North Ridge 8/4/2008

    Looks like an awesome climb! Good to see Lukic on the summit of Baker again. After doing a few volcanoes this summer I must say that Baker was a real treat and a major highlight of my summer. This looks like a route I would really enjoy.
  6. [TR] Mt Rainier - Disappointment Cleaver 7/24/2008

    Awesome photos! I love the photo of Adams, Hood and Jefferson from the Crest. I was up there on the 21st. It is amazing to see the change in conditions in just a few days on the snow bridge around 13,300'.
  7. [TR] Mt Rainier NP - DC 7/5/2008

    Wow, an appendectomy is quite the experience to return from the mountain! Good luck on your next shot. Hopefully you will have the privilege of good conditions. Thanks for the report. My first summit bid on the DC will be soon on the 21st.
  8. [TR] Mt. Baker - Coleman-Deming 7/2/2008

    Thanks for posting this report Lukic! What a fabulous climb. Here is a section that explains the tags required to post an image. http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/ubb/faq#image Just to test it out for myself, here you are with the summit register.
  9. Two of us are climbing Mt. Baker via the Coleman-Deming route on Tuesday and Wednesday 7/1-7/2. We need one more for our team. The weather report looks excellent!
  10. [TR] Camp Muir - via Paradise 5/11/2008

    Thanks for posting these Kirk. I had an awesome time on this trip and was glad we decided to cowboy up and keep climbing. I am looking forward to a summit climb.