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  1. favorite bumper stickers of all time?

    A picture of Bush with "Would someone give this man a blow-job, so that we can impeach him!" And "Save a whale, harpoon a fat chick"
  2. Builder Bob

    Sorry, Before putting up a post like this, you might think that people could be dealing with personal matters and might be out of contact for a while. I just got back into town! Bob
  3. Lanyards?

    Sorry, I just adressed an assumption "noob", with an insult. I know Don fairly well and was agreeing with him.
  4. Lanyards?

    How about on the low end stuff you are climbing; they just go leashless. Ass.
  5. Lanyards?

    Anything connected to your tools, whether it's to your wrist or your harness ISN'T leashless. Don has a great point; if your going to connect anything to the axe, a wrist leash is still the best option (for swing dynamics). Name me one great ice climber/alpinist today who uses these contraptions!?
  6. Mount hood....what do I need to know.

    The most important thing you are going to need to know is the proper footwork technique and ice axe technique and to go with someone experienced. Self arrest is something good to know, but is FAR too heavily emphasized, as it takes much practice in order to be effectively used when the time calls. As a beginner, better to learn good climbing technique and how to stay on your feet, than how to fall. Wear a helmet and if the person you go with has little experience, don't rope up to them. Using a rope effectively relies on having at least one person who knows what there doing. May and June are probably the best months and definately go mid-week; the weekends at that time of year can be a kook-fest. And finally, better to go with a guide service than a climbing club, as you will learn better and more up to date technique.