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  1. Which one of you is lost?

    Get a life and don't fucking poke fun at a person that is suffering and could be dead. And have fun wasting your time replying to this cuz you are too stupid to care about Im done reading anything your retarded ass posts
  2. Which one of you is lost?

    You get shit tossed at you here because you pull shit like this.
  3. Kevin Everett

    Just heard that he might stand up on his own today or tomorrow and could walk within a week. Great news for a guy who on deaths doorstep less than two weeks ago.
  4. Landis Kicks Ass

    Considering he had to borrow and went heavily into debt to pay for his defense and now he looks like a shithead, Ill take being me.
  5. My first lead climb was a succesful ascent of your moms lower central rib.
  6. If Spray had a going away party...

    Nice (nice, not done is stupid borat voice)
  7. Snaffle Olympics

    Smart little shit it even went for the candy bar loaded with peanuts......that was a payday it got wasnt it?
  8. If Spray had a going away party...

    That last one is fuckin hilarious for so many reasons.
  9. If Spray had a going away party...

    Porter's gotta be the guy who points out the two chicks making out.
  10. Yeah any 6-8 year old that weighs 55kg has bigger problems than surviving a climbing fall.
  11. Media Bias Revealed - Part XXIV

    You make great arguements i wont deny that. But the "position" I was speaking of is american children getting toys tainted with lead. I'm not sayin we should make our children work in sweatshops to make their own toys, not by a long shot.
  12. Media Bias Revealed - Part XXIV

    We don't have to make the toys, Euro manufacturers make safe toys. I understand economics just fine. I know why things happen, but that doesn't make it right. But when does cheap labor become outweighed by risks? I'm also fully aware of why walmart became the giant it is today, people like saving money. Although that coupled with the lack of production standards in the countries that make these products, put us in the position we are today.
  13. When I've got as much time on my hands as you I will get right on it.
  14. Media Bias Revealed - Part XXIV

    I wonder, does the aid they gave Katrina victims make up for all the stores they have put out of business and all their employees that dont get benifits.
  15. Media Bias Revealed - Part XXIV

    Watch out for the attacks Can't wait for someone to say that it's not wal-mart's fault for selling poisoned toys. I mean come on just because you cut corners to save money(in this case selling cheap-unsafe toys) doesn't mean you are responsible when stuff goes wrong. Can you really blame drug dealers when someone OD's *sarcastic sniff*
  16. Yeah I'd say so too. This thread took a course more suitable for spray.
  17. Shut your ingorant fuckin mouth. Like i said before a change in the deceleration something even thousanths of a second makes a huge difference. If you can't get tthis through your head it is because you are stupid, blame you parents or teachers, not me.
  18. Aliens have landed

    Fine im done, I posted that last one before i saw your message.
  19. Aliens have landed

    Don't fall off you high horse KKK. You generally only post to tout your hyperconservative/ intollerant views. And dont whine about me acting like a tough guy you little girl, if you didnt attack people for their opinion, you wouldn't get threatened. Name one other person on the whole site I have even came close to phsically threatening. Atleast the other people I disagree with are either smart or funny to listen to. You are neither
  20. Aliens have landed

    Holy shit that makes it better. So now not only to you use clown too much in your insults, you didnt even come up with it? Pathetic
  21. Aliens have landed

    STFU, nOOb. There's history to spray. So what you are saying is that since your extensive posting here has gained you the title of "king of ass clowns", you feel that you have the right to give that title to others????
  22. Aliens have landed

    Well thats like telling someone they smell better than shit, but thanks anyway
  23. Aliens have landed

    Now lick sack, you clownpunching jizz-gargler. Atleast its more original than assclown. BTW whats up with you and clowns were you molested by one as a child, that would explain alot.
  24. I have no clue but if this thread is any idication allowing pre-teens to lead climb isn't all that common. Atleast when it comes to kids as young as were mentioned here.
  25. Aliens have landed

    I think the saying goes "what comes around goes around" Don't go off about how smart you are and maybe people wouldn't nitpick you, but you're smart enough to figure that out right??