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  1. A group of 6 of us ended up camping in the crater about 2 years ago. All of the camping permits on the mountain were reserved except for low on the Muir snowfield or the summit (which is an approved camp location). The forecast was very good and we were feeling strong once we got to Muir, so we told the Rangers and decided to go for it. We just picked the flattest spot we could find in the middle of the crater. We only had two 3-season tents and 2 bivys since we hadn't planned to camp there. It was a very cold night but the stars were amazing. I would do it again with the right forecast but this time I would bring white gas instead of a canister stove. The MSR Reactor took a really long time to get water to boil up there. Also, more layers and a warmer sleeping pad would have made things a bit more comfortable.
  2. You might want to check out thru-hiker.com They have kits for quilts (down or synthetic) that you could modify into an enclosed bag. From what I have read, Primaloft doesn't hold up as well for a bag so most people are using Apex. Also, Apex doesn't require stitching every 12in. or so like Primaloft so you can stitch around the perimeter and be done. I have been reading a lot on backpackinglight.com and they have tons of useful information. My current project is a synthetic overbag/quilt to extend the rating of my down bag and to keep the condensation point above it so it doesn't wet out.
  3. I use an older Osprey Exposure 50 for longer day trips and light overnights. I really like it for splitboarding because I can carry as a board or skis easily and still have attachments for axe/tools. It has taken quite a lot of abuse but doesn't show any wear. Very comfortable until the load exceeds about 40lbs. It looks similar in design to the Kode but mine is a bit heavier so I don't know if the materials are comparable. I looked at the new Kode in the store and wasn't impressed. I guess it depends on what features you need.
  4. I've never had an issue sleeping at the Paradise parking lot. It's probably not approved by the park but as long as you keep everything clean and aren't too obvious about it, you should be fine. I agree with Gene too... June can be hit or miss with the weather so give yourself a day or two extra so you can time your climb appropriately.
  5. Apologies... need to work on my multitasking.
  6. Here's a recent TR from TAY. http://www.turns-all-year.com/skiing_snowboarding/trip_reports/index.php?topic=28836.0
  7. mtndfndr

    Mt Hood

    On our trip last Friday, we left the parking lot at 5:15 and had no problems skinning till just before the Hogsback. My partner was using ski crampons while I was not and I only struggled with a few spots between the top of Palmer and the Hogsback. Booted to the summit (through Pearly Gates) and decended the Old Chute around noon. The top was pretty hard packed but somewhat carvable (and steep). We headed west towards Illumination Rock where the sun had been shining longest and had great snow until towards the bottom where it got sticky. The recent weather pattern may cause softer conditions but an earlier start should help.
  8. mtndfndr

    Mt Hood

    Went up on Friday. Everyone was going up the Pearly Gates that day. Not a single set of tracks up the Old Chute, although I past a skier and dog on my way down near crater rock who was planning to go up that way. Pearly Gates had a 20ft. ice section that we were all able to negotiate with a standard ice axe and crampons but had to front point and use the pick on the axe to do so. We headed to the Old Chute face to ski down but I would have definitely wanted a rope if descending back through the Pearly gates.
  9. I hiked about half of Adams last year in snowboard boots. I had my splitboard, but the morning snow was pretty icy and it was more efficient to boot it than skin. Made it almost to lunch counter before we started to skin, and that included 3 extra miles that the road was closed for snow. No complaints other than having to walk the 3 miles of road coming down, but that was because we did it all in a day. I use strap-on crampons with my snowboard boots with no problems. Not sure if you can rent them at REI but that would be my first option. It might be worth buying some if you plan to do more backcountry riding. Check the Yard Sale forum or craigslist and you might find some for the same price as the rental.
  10. I have a Powderkeg 32 from Mile High Mountaineering that I really like. Lots of cool features great construction. Unfortunately it won't carry my splitboard in the A-frame mode (boards are about 1 cm too wide) but should carry 99% of the skis out there. Bought it new and used for a 2 hour tour. I would let it go for $100 if you are interested. Here is the info: http://mhmgear.myshopify.com/products/powderkeg-32
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