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  1. Good Source for Climbing "Technique"?

    Try The Rock Warrior's Way, by Arno Ilgner.
  2. Feedback for climbing website

    I like it. Easy to navigate and nice, clean presentation. I don't mind the black background.
  3. what glue to reattach rand

    I've used Barg (sp?) glue before (they sell it at Redpoint and Moutain Soles, among other places), but it's a bit tricky to be sure you don't put too much on and actually further the separation of the rand.
  4. Rainier with 11 yr old?

    I see your point - and I know what you mean about those who get it already know what you're talking about. I had never been up Rainier before last weekend and I was impressed by the size and intensity of the mountain compared to others I had climbed. That said, I've only been climbing for a few years and probably don't have the ability to make the same calls that your experience allows you to make. Good luck on whatever you end up doing!
  5. Rainier with 11 yr old?

    I'm relieved to hear that, Bug. Although I believe children can be capable of doing climbs like this, the inherent dangers of climbing Rainier outweigh everything for me. When we were up there last weekend, I was even feeling a bit guilty for climbing it myself, because everything was so soft on the descent. Seracs were coming down and there was a lot of rockfall. I'd hate to see anything happen to my children because I took them up a mountain like that. No judgement of you intended - just sharing my thoughts on my own kids.
  6. Novice Prepin' 4 Winter Rainier Climb

    From what I hear, Shasta doesn't have much snow this year. I suggest checking conditions before heading there.
  7. The Blackhawk was for a guy who dislocated his shoulder. Check out Mike Gauthier's blog for further info.
  8. Couloir conditions Forbidden West Ridge

    Cool - thanks for the info.
  9. Does anyone know the condition of the couloir on the West Ridge of Forbidden right now?
  10. Black Fly Warning

    Anyone been into Jefferson lately? How are the flies up there? Just curious 'cause I'm heading in there this weekend.
  11. quickest way to heal blisters?

    As far as I know, vitamin E helps oxygenate the skin (as well as moisturizing it) for faster healing.