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  1. Help Needed: Missing climbers near Leavenworth

    The memorial service for Max & Otto will be TOMORROW-- SATURDAY: Oct 6th, 2:00 PM at the Women's Club, 9th and Walnut (South Hill), in Spokane. Please don't forget about the fund to benefit Susan (wife/mother) & Olivia (daughter/sister). Even small contributions are greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please email or PM either Pindude or me.
  2. Help Needed: Missing climbers near Leavenworth

    Services for Otto & Max will be next Saturday: Oct 6th, 2:00 PM at the Women's Club, 9th and Walnut (South Hill), in Spokane. Please stay tuned for more details.
  3. Help Needed: Missing climbers near Leavenworth

    A fund to benefit the Vaclovek family has been established by Paul Fish. Checks can be made out to the "Vaclavek Family Fund" and taken to any Spokane Teacher's Credit Union (STCU) branch or mailed to: Vaclavek Family fund C/O STCU University District Branch 528 E. Spokane Falls Blvd. Spokane, WA 99202-5050 Or dropped off at Mountain Gear. **** Discussion is taking place about a benefit for Susan & Olivia. Please stay tuned in the upcoming weeks about this.
  4. Help Needed: Missing climbers near Leavenworth

    I have many happy & fond memories of Otto, beginning in 1988 when I was first learning to climb; several years later when the news of his marriage to *Susan* went through the climbing community, and after the birth of their first child. This includes a mutual climbing friend laughing that he had seen someone in the distance, rollerblading rapidly towards him on the paved Centennial Trail. The mystery person was "pushing a baby buggy", with roller-bladed feet & stroller "swinging widely side-to-side". When closer, Eloy was shocked to see the rollerblader was Otto. Eloy exclaimed, "Otto's a changed man!!" The above comment about being granted political asylum in 1988 was very interesting as I was certain I had met Otto early that year. Recall was correct. My climbing log reads: "23 April 1988...much difficulty succeeding on Open Book -- Otto came by & helped...photo taken of Otto on Open Book crux move..." Among all the memories, first & foremost will always be Otto's kindness to a new climber (me), his competence, and how generously he shared his knowledge. May all of us be remembered that way.
  5. Tick Attack

    Valid advice: http://www.aafp.org/afp/20020815/643.html
  6. [TR] Dragontail Peak- Backbone Ridge

    WONDERFUL TR, topos, & pics! Thanks for sharing, & the reminder of why I love this area so much!
  7. How to get started

    1999 article from OUTSIDE mag: D-a-n Osman Dean Potter is also in the article.
  8. How to get started

    KitCat was equipped just fine! I brought an extra shell & pile jacket, as well as an extra water bottle. She didn't need any of it, as she had brought her own. All I really brought was a headlamp as we were pushing the clock a little & a headlamp provides margin. We didn't use it, but I've never been sorry I took a headlamp, ever. KitCat was also a fun companion, with no whimpering or whining even when I had her on snow-slickened areas, incl. the slabs up the back of Minne's main face. Her hiking, dance & gymnastics background shows. As I said: she will be a fine climber. Go KitCat!!!
  9. How to get started

    Joe: D-a-n Osman Lover's Leap video is all over the net; this is on YouTube. Vid shows the beautiful quality of the Lover's Leap rock. Note the little dikes on the first pitch. KitCat: D-a-n died a few years back, but not technically from climbing. Back on topic: There is a 43 minute video, hosted by the ever-popular John Long, "Basic Rockclimbing". While slightly outdated on a few things, it still remains one of the best -- if not THE best -- vid of it's kind. I'll try to dig it up & loan it to you -- you will learn LOTS from it -- and ROTFL in the process. You do have a VHS, don't you? If not, you can come to our place & watch it.
  10. How to get started

    Joeschmoe, Dean Potter is a machine! I assume you've seen the wild video of Dan Osman soloing at Lover's Leap a few years back? ----------------- KitCat, when I started climbing (1987; pre-Internet), I collected free catalogs from various gear & clothing manufacturers, as well as shops ( Mountain Gear ; REI, Patagonia; Petzl; what is now known as Black Diamond, ad infinitim). Catalogs can really help bring you up to speed quickly with gear, and what is available. The pics are great also! I spent HOURS pouring these catalogs, including the equipment, applications / purposes & specs. The Petzl catalog has traditionally been extremely informative, with diagrams of riggings, etc. Petzl has not only an online catalog & videos, but will even mail you a print catalog. Check it out! EDIT: this is really weird: I keep typing "D-a-n Osman" but some crazy reason, CC makes it appear as "he Osman", no matter how I try to correct it. Go figure. The word D-a-n will not appear.
  11. How to get started

    You gave very sound advice & explanations in both of your posts, Joeschmoe. KitCat: take me w/ you shopping! I LOVE to spend other people's money!
  12. How to get started

    I just rolled in the door after a very fun hike to the top of Beacon Hill with KitCat! We also hiked up the back of Minne to see the city lights as the sun set. It was lightly snowing & we had so much fun! wOOt! KitCat is going to be a very fine climber: I can tell already.
  13. How to get started

    Yes, KitCat, we are all waiting with Bated Breath to hear how things went for you yesterday at Wild Walls! I nominate Pindude for president of Gear Junkies Anonymous.
  14. How to get started

    KitCat -- In addition to the SpoMo's full-blown Mountain School (a huge commitment, but due to popularity, it also has an enrollment cap so can be difficult to get into) --- the SpoMo's offer Rock School every June. It is simply the rock content of Mtn School (Mtn School has alpine / mountaineering content) & might be a good option for you if things don't work out for Mtn School this year. I well recall the feeling of being frantic to get out on real rock!! Please keep posting about your progress & adventures. I'm really enjoying reading about it.
  15. How to get started

    Hi KitCat -- Reading your posts inspired me to *re-register* on cc. I hang out on SummitPost, and it's been several years since I even lurked on cc -- so long that I forgot my previous sign-in info. Duh. Too much time at altitude.... Anyway, I wanted to comment that nearly without exception the guys I've met through climbing are wonderful & are true gentlemen...albeit wickedly fun. I was single when I started climbing in 1987 & discovered that climbers were so spirited, intelligent, helpful, & non-judgemental that I started dating them exclusively -- and married one. I agree about going in groups though, especially for a woman who doesn't know someone well yet. Groups are also a good way for a novice to go: beginners may not have enough knowledge to know when things aren't safe, and the right group can help ameliorate potential issues. YES -- read & study FREEDOM OF THE HILLS. I also agree the SpoMo Mountain School course is **the** way to go, for many reasons. I'm unashamedly biased -- but I also got off to a spectacular start through it. Knowledge, safety, life-long friends, confidence & FUN -- Mountain School has it all. Please feel free to PM me. I'm always happy to see other women enthusiastic about climbing, and would be delighted to answer any questions that maybe the guys haven't touched upon yet.