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  1. Hi Chris, I met you on your trip to Montana, we drank some beer at the parking lot of Kootenai with Blase. Just got off shoshone yesterday myself and really excited about it, what a great route! Any way, good to meet you and was funny to read your trip description after seeing you. Happy travels, Chase
  2. Im trying to decide whether to buy a set of the bd hexes or the wc rockcentrics. I know the rockcentrics come with dyneema slings where as the hexes come with stiff wire, and I have heard they are more succeptible to walk, which seems to make alot of sense. Any suggestions?
  3. Scarpa Omega's

    I used these on a NOLS trip in patagonia and hiked over 150 miles in a month in them. I did have the problems mentioned by davidjo, broken laces and cracked the bootie near the ankle, but I just sent the liner back and got a new one no prob and tied a knot in the laces. They are incredibly comfortable for long aproaches and rigid enough to climb verticle ice as well. Best double boot made. They dry incredibly quickly compared to koflack as well. just buy em dude
  4. To Plastic or Not

    SCARPA OMEGAS are comfortable enough to make long approaches, and nible enough to climb verticle ice. buy them
  5. oops just saw mvs' response, but yea it works
  6. what worked well for me is boiling some extra water at night and putting it in a nalgene and sleep with it at the bottom of your bag with wet socks or shirts around it. give it a try, it feels like a dryer in there.
  7. Plastic Boots - Suggestions? Faves?

    Scarpa omegas, best boot company in the world.
  8. Winter/Cold Weather Mountaineering Boots

    Scarpa omegas without a doubt. Great in wet/cold weather and are extremely comfortable and easy to climb in. There really versatile as well, I use them for vertical ice climbing as well as mountaineering. There also right around $500 and itll be the best boot you ever buy. Very similar to the invernos but there noticeably lighter and the myth is that their not quite as warm, but scarpa also carries a high altitude inner booty if your really worried about it, but they are plety warm for any advenure ive been on, check em out.
  9. Bozeman ice festival

    Im wondering if you can climb in the Grivel Hyalite ice breaker comp as well as the Bozeman fest? They are both held on Sat. dec 1st and wondering if you have to choose one or the other. Also, what is the deal with choosing novice, intermediate, advanced? I dont want to be limited to easy ice if I sign up as a novice and will it all be top rope?
  10. scarpa

    just want to shout out for scarpa, all you fools should go out and buy the omega double plastics and the denali tt ski boots. anyone else have as good as experiences as i have had?
  11. hey alaska native, this isnt a site to question people and try and sound knowledgeable, go argue with someone else and just give good sugestions, thanks
  12. hey alaska native, this isnt a site to question people and try and sound knowledgeable, go argue with someone else and just give good sugestions, thanks
  13. msr hubba hubba

    just wondering what peoples experience is with it?
  14. arc teryx m30 backpack $75

    in good condition im in colorado any more info just ask.
  15. Snow pants

    patagonia guide pant. Most comfortable, functional pant out there as far as soft shells go. and you wont have to suffer in them. great for ice-climbing, mountaineering, skiing, backpacking, and just about anything else you coulkd think of. trust me bro, buy these