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  1. Finally. God Defined.

    On this we agree!! Our country was founded on religous freedom, meaning you can worship as you choose. We should not have a government telling us who to worship, or who not to worship. That is a personal choice for each to make. I am very much NOT political. I do not believe a high ranking politician can claim to be a christian, and yet not comprimise his/her morals. If you get to the level of gov. or presiden, or even in congress, you end up putting other things above your morals, and then you have a conflict, and from what i have seen, politics always wins!
  2. Finally. God Defined.

    I did read a few reviews, one was a short one by the author, and the other was the one linked to above. I do know that some changes were made here and there in the bible. I also know that some versions are more "correct" than others. At one point he said himself that It is important to not only listen to others preach/teach about the bible, but to study it oneself, to see where the changes were, what they were, what the interpretation means, and what the original greek and or hebrew was. I am no bible scholar (or any other kind of scholar either!) but i do try in my limited way to understand the bible and its translated history. I also do take a lot on faith! Believing in God is all in faith! Jesus said "blessed are those who don't see, and still believe"! Believing in God, the bible, and Jesus is all on faith. There is no absolute, undeniable, scientific proof of it at all. Just as there is no absolute, undeniable, scientific proof that it is not true. So, I read my bible, I study my bible, and I choose to believe what it says. Most of the textual discrepancies, Ehrman acknowledges, matter little, but some do profoundly affect religious doctrine. But then again, go to a Baptist church, a Catholic church, a Protestant church, a Mormon church, their religous doctrine is mostly all based on the same bible, yet their doctrines vary widely also. So, if different denominations can't agree on the bible we have, what then? Faith!! Read for yourself, study for yourself, have someone preach and teach you yes, be be active in checking it for yourself, and pray! Faith!
  3. Finally. God Defined.

    If those are the kinds of people you've known I can understand somewhat of where your frustration comes from towards christians. I don't understand what appears to be the utter hatred though (you may not hate us, but it comes across that way in your posts). I prefer to have a discussion based on a mutual respect deserving of two people with two different ideas, instead of the name calling and such. Growing up Catholic like you did (I don't pretend to know about Catholics as I am not one) I assume you know Matthew 6:5-7, it reads: "And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. 6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. 7 And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words." I have met many "christians" who pray just like this. Like they want people to see how "holy" they are. We are not supposed to be that way. I have a love for Christ, and I want to share that with others. If they do not want to hear it, that is fine, but I will talk about it. If we are ever climbing together and I bring it up (which I do not always do) just tell me to shut up, you just wanna climb, and I would respect that. I do not believe in forcing your beliefs on anyone else. They must come to Christ (if that is what they want) on their own, or else it is for nothing. I also do not watch the "christian" tv channels, i'm sure theyre not all bad people (not up to me to judge them), but i do not agree with the way they go about spreading their message. Although, I would like to be able to say to my wallet that it was a fat wallet full of money, and have it appear full of money all of a sudden, as I have heard preached (which is one reason i don't watch them, i was sent some stuff from a friend on a you tube clip, pretty sad to watch, yet funny that they had so many people sending them money!!)
  4. Mt. Adams beta?

    this time of year should be pretty easy. just follow the trail to the top. you could hit the round the mountain trail and head east a few miles, and then go up the mazama glacier which meets up with the south ridge above the glacier, for a more interesting trip. be careful of rockfall if you do the glacier. have fun!
  5. Finally. God Defined.

    we believe that a God who can create this universe we live in is also capable of keeping the bible true to its meaning throughout history. here is a christian review of said book i found interesting. i don't even bother reading these kinds of books anymore, ill just stick with the reviews. and yes, i do read the secular ones too. http://www.bible.org/page.php?page_id=3452
  6. Finally. God Defined.

    Do you and your war mongering buddies chant this mantra when you're gunning down innocent Iraqi women and children too? Or do they even give the typing pool staff guns anymore? did you read any of my posts? or do you automatically disregard it since it is from a christian view? The carnage of the Iraq war is NOT, I repeat NOT a christian thing. It is a political thing. A wrongly held political belief that somehow this war is helping our country. It is not being perpetraded by followers of Christ. Maybe people who claim to be doing Gods will, but are not! Read my above post and tell me if you still think that someone following Jesus words would be mowing down innocent people. If so, and they are "treating others like they want to be treated" then they have issues. We all have free will. We choose to live peacefull or not. They choose not. I choose to follow Christ.
  7. Great TR! Very impressive. Ive just starting riding my bike to work, about 26 miles round trip, and that beats me up!! I can only imagine your pain! Monster trip! thanks for sharing!
  8. Finally. God Defined.

    You are right. Lots of wars and horrible carnage over thousands of years due to "Gods Will". Some wars are unavoidable I believe, like when your country is attacked, or is under imminent threat of attack even. But not to try and force your religious or political beliefs on others. I think it is more than ok with me to worship God, and love him more than anyone. After all, if it wasn't for him, there wouldn't be anyone else to love!
  9. Finally. God Defined.

    not everyone who claims to be "christian" is following Christ. If they are not displaying the qualities of Christ, they are not his true followers. The Bible says that others will know us by our love. If you meet someone who claims to be a christian, but treats others poorly, or puts people down because of their beliefs, etc.. then that person is not understanding what following Christ is all about. A follower of Christ will live by this: One of the Pharisees tested Jesus with a question, "Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?" (Matthew 22:36 NIV). Jesus replied, " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments" (Matthew 22:37-40 NIV). It is sad to me, but a majority of the people I have talked to who don't belive in God have been turned away from christianity because of something a "christian" had said or done. There are many people out there who claim to be christians who are doing more harm than good. People are getting turned away from God on a regular basis because of the hypocrisy in the church. I know many people who claim to be christians, but yet when you see them in their daily lives, you would never believe it! If any of you have been hurt, put down, or treated poorly by a "christian" in any way, I am deeply sorry for that. Just remember, not all people who profess Christ are that way. Just as not all Atheists put down christians and bash us every chance they get. I know some very nice Atheists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, and many others who I respect, and respect me. I want to return the favor.
  10. Finally. God Defined.

    And I'm simply stating that you're a typical Christian moron who cannot grasp the beliefs of others, so you negate them. Standard 'Our Way or the Highway' (Low way, actually) Christian drivel from a genetically incurious, uninquisitive, incredibly conceited, and fortunately minority sector of humanity. Want a 'fact'? You're ignorant. And don't give us the nice guy 'oh, sorry that you don't have any beliefs...that was very unchristlike of me to mention it' bullshit that reinforces your sense of piety. You're a fucking prick, too. I happen to think your cultish believes are ridiculous, but I don't reduce folks like yourself to the level of an animal without any, or assume that you just don't care enough to look. My friends have some kooky ideas, too, but they're important to them so who am I to mess with that? What I object about cunts like you is that you proscribe your fucked up beliefs for all of humanity. That's where I draw the line. I have plenty of Christian friends; the tolerant kind. They know and accept that I'm a ranting atheist, as they would accept that someone is Hindu, Buhddist, or Raelian (sp?). And I don't rail against them, because it's not the belief in God I object to, its the belief that there is only one truth on the matter and that everyone needs to subscribe to it. And they object to your brand of cultism every bit as much as I do. wow! who is intolerant of who? i have some close friends who are athiests who have told me exactly what they think of my beliefs, and i have told them what i believe, and never have they responded with such hate! i also have good friends, my closest climbing partner in fact, who have some VERY different beliefs than I do. I do not put them down, I do not make them feel small, I do not distance myself from them. I have read many of your post ttk, and from them i can see that it is not I who am the intolerant one. you seem to pick on, and lash out at anyone who thinks differently from you in any area at all, not just on religion. if you want to have an intelligent conversation, without the put downs and the name calling, let me know. I will however, no longer respond to, or let myself be provoked by, your hate filled, intolerant posts. There are many other people on this forum who disagree deeply with my beliefs, and that is there right. However, there are only a few who respond with the intolerant language you use, and none (that i have read yet) who respond to anything with the language, and outright hate you do. dave
  11. Finally. God Defined.

    I try never to denagrade anyone for their thoughts or beliefs whatever and however different they are from my own. As far as your quote "or in some cases lack of beliefs" isn't that a put down to folks who don't have the same beliefs as you?? If someone doesn't believe in your explanation of God then they don't have beliefs. Perhpas you would like to rephrase what you said so it doesn't "personally attack" others. um, no. i'm simply stating a fact. some people really have no beliefs one way or the other. whether they have searched, and found nothing, or just don't care. so no, i am not putting them down just by saying they have no beliefs. i will not put someone down for not believeing, or for believing something i think doesn't make any sense, or whatever. if you took that as an attack, i am sorry, but it was in no way. just pointing out a fact of life.
  12. Finally. God Defined.

    I like that one! Good job!
  13. Finally. God Defined.

    I also don't understand why it is people feel the need to attack those of us who believe in God. If you want to state what you believe in, great, that is your God given right. You can believe how you choose, and tell us all if you choose. Why is it people must call christians "weak minded" and "lost" on top of all the other horrid stuff that is posted? I know their are people who call themselves "christians" who do the same to non-believers, or anyone who thinks differently (ex: Westboro Baptist Church), but this is not what the Bible teaches us, and anyone who does such while claiming to be a follower of Christ should read His Word a little closer. I respect you all for your beliefs, or in some cases lack of beliefs. I would have no problem climbing with any of you, or being friends and hanging out. If I starting talking to you about Christ, feel free to tell me your not interested, and I will quit. I don't feel the need to be attacked though. So tell me, and this is for those who do attack us verbally (or in this case written-ly) Why the need? Can you not post your views, and just say you don't understand how christians can believe in God, without making it personal? Would you attack someone else with a different belief in the same way? How about homosexuals? Or Buddhists? I don't believe anyone should be put down or attacked because of something they believe in. Why do you feel the need to do so?
  14. Finally. God Defined.

    I think it takes more faith to not believe in God than it does to believe in Him. I don't understand how people can believe the earth, indeed the whole universe was created out of nothing, by accident. That by some infinitesimal odds the universe came into being from nothing. Then that nothing over billions of years became what we know today. An earth that has just the right amount of oxygen to support life, trees that give off this life giving gas by taking in the co we breath off and converting it. We have a star that just happens to be the exact distance from the earth to support life! Two humans can come together (ok, hahaha) and create a baby that grows inside of it's mothers womb till just the right time! All the electrical impulses in the brain and throughout the nervous system to make your body work, to breath, and the heart to beat. The ability to think (or at least most of us can!) In my opinion, that takes a lot of faith!!! People like odds, talking about "the odds of being struck by lightning", "winning the lottery", "an asteroid striking the earth". What about the odds of all this stuff coming together just so? This page goes into all the odds related to a spontaneous creation. http://www.earthtraces.com/godsodds.shtml I heard this on the radio and it really stuck with me. I believe in God. I believe Jesus is the son of God. I believe he died on the cross, was buried and on the third day was raised again. I believe he then ascended into heaven to be at the right hand of the father. I believe that through Jesus Christ I can have an eternal life in heaven after I die here. Because of this, I live my life with a hope, a hope of something eternal. Something to actually look forward to after I die! As a non believer, you can not imagine the hope, and the complete joy this gives to those of us who put our trust in God. You may live a good happy life as a non believer, but what about when you die? most athiests I have heard believe that death is it! That does not give you much to look forward to!! I would dread growing old!!! Now here is the thing, lets say I am wrong. Let's say that you are right, there is no God, no heaven, and no hell. When you die, you die, and that is all. I will not lose anything!!! I will have lived my life full of a hope in an eternal life, but then when I die I will not know that it did not happen! It would be over, the end, oh well!! And yet I still had a wonderful life while I was alive. Now lets turn the tables and say for a minute that I am right. There is a God, and a heaven and hell. You may live a very fulfilling, happy, wonderful life. But then when you die, what happens? I believe the Bible when it says "narrow is the gate to heaven, but wide is the gate to destruction". If you do not have God in your life, (remember, we're assuming for a moment that there is) then I believe you go to hell. Now this is why, as God fearing christians, we believe we need to tell everyone we can about Him!!! Not because we think we are better than anyone else (at least we shouldn't!!) but because we do care about our fellow humans! God wants for none to parish, but for all to live with him in eternity!!! And we need to do our part to let people know the Truth! Sorry for being so long winded!!!!!!! God Bless dave
  15. Online Slideshow: North American Alpinism in 2008

    Great video, thanks for sharing!
  16. PDX Ice Festival 2008

    how bout the "Tools with Fools festival"?, ore better yet the "Fools and Tools Fest 08"? I do believe I will come. The competition is open to anyone eh? even super ice noobs? sounds like my kinda place!
  17. FS: Gregory Reality Pack

  18. PDX Ice Festival 2008

    beer is always good!
  19. PDX Ice Festival 2008

    how does that work? are you using tools and crampons on the regular rock wall? or just tools? is this open to anyone? ive only done a little ice climbing, a couple times on elot glacier, and on some hard snow about 15ft high at timberline where the plow piles it up!! and i have one old pair of tools, really old, and a mixed pair!! sounds like fun!
  20. [deleted

    dang dude, that really sucks. i wouldve called the whole thing off for good! no corndogs? heck no!!!
  21. N. Sister Conditions

    heres a pic from the east, coming up to the hayden glacier area. pic not showing, just cut and copy the above url. and on from about 9000ft on middle sister looking north
  22. N. Sister Conditions

    did the middle sister, north route via hayden. i have a couple of pics of the south side of north sister if that helps. didnt look too close at it though. waiting for the pics to process. i will post them later when they go through.
  23. we were preparing for our annual crevasse rescue practice on the eliot when we saw this and have since changed plans. going to one of the south side glaciers now, we'll see what we can find. this is from the mount hood fs web site: August 9, 2008 For questions on any of the following information, please call Hood River Ranger District at : 541-352-6002 For current weather updates go to www.wrh.noaa.gov or contact the Hood River Ranger District (541) 352-6002. GNARL FIRE UPDATE: AUG.9TH. 3:00pm...currently nearly 300 acres. Located between North Fork of Cold Springs Creek and unnamed stream to the north - about 3/4 mile east of Timberline Trail. TRAIL CLOSURES: Bluegrass Ridge #647, Cooper Spur #600-B, East Fork #650, Elk Mdws #645, Elk Mdws/BlueGrassTie #647-B, Elk Mdws Perimeter #645-A, Elk Mt Vista #647-C, Gnarl Ridge #652, Gnarl Ridge Cutoff #652-A, Lamberson Spur #644, Newton Creek #646, Polallie Ridge #643-A, Sahallie Falls #667-C, Tamanawas Falls #650-A, Tamanawas Tie #650-B, Tilly Jane #448, Timberline Trail #600 between White River and Eliot Bridge, Umbrella Falls #667. CAMPGROUND CLOSURES : Cloud Cap and Tilly Jane. Little John snopark. Recommend no use of Nottingham campground. WATCH FOR CREWS AND EQUIPMENT: FROM POLALLIE to WHITE RIVER ON HWY 35 and ALONG COOPER SPUR RD. Also watch for helicopter dipping at Laurance Lake.
  24. Gear sale, including boots, gloves, poles, etc.

    a good friend of mine is going on that climb. mid august i think is the only one this month. her name is Jen Tracey, say hi for me if you see her would ya? (my name is Dave Wellcome) this is a great opportunity to help out inner city kids. good for ya for signing up! Good Luck on your climb!!
  25. I picked up a pair of gaiters recently, used but in great shape. i did not realize they were an xl! they are quite big on me. i am looking to trade my red and black ones for similar (possibly different brand?) gaiters in a large size. thanks dave