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  1. [TR] Peru - Cordillera Blanca

    Thanks for the reply....any advice about Huamashraju? We have include it in the June-Mountain menu, thanks JP.
  2. [TR] Peru - Cordillera Blanca

    Does the North Ridge Route involves sections of steep ice? Me and buddy heading to Vallunaraju among others peaks on mid June. JP.
  3. I´ll take in in La Paz on June 04th till June 30 2010. Interested on moderate climbs in Condoriri area (I have experience on Cabeza de Condor and Piramide in 2009), Huayna Potosi and Illimani. jpf.yanez@hotmail.com *Juan Pablo.
  4. Hi, thanks but my date doesn´t match with your climbing period. I´ll take in La Paz in June 04 staying down until June 30. Anyway I´ll be reachable in Torino Hotel also, Juan Pablo. jpf.yanez@hotmail.com
  5. Also looking for partner for intermediate/ classic routes starting June 04th till June 30. If interested leave a reply, JP.
  6. Dave Waggoner (CCH Alien cam inventor) dies

    Dave death was caused by a fast development liver cancer. My sincere condolences to family and friends, JP.
  7. cordilliera blanca guide book

    Trekking guides are plenty available on Huaraz. Also maps, books and related info. For climbing in most popular places you can get a paper copy, try Edward´s Inn hostal, a good place for climbers, JP.
  8. How to get to Patagonia?

    Air fares have decreased greatly from Santiago to Punta Arenas if interested on Paine massif, food and accomodations are good also. Enjoy the trip to my country, JP.
  9. Mountaineering in Peru/ Huaraz

    Thank you Joe for your reply. Great if you can send a couples EMails from local guides. JP.
  10. Mountaineering in Peru/ Huaraz

    Hello, should we have to pay any fee for climbing Alpamayo? I was there 5 years ago but I paid nothing. What can I expect for the next season? Thanks, JP.
  11. Great climb! I did it about 5 years ago. Just wondering....any problem with retreating ice in Cordillera Blanca? Thank you, Juan Pablo.