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  1. yes! thank you all, for the advises. coffee?... have you tried coffee in chile? - that one is just terrible nescafe with lots of sugar.. there are times that i miss my cortado in seattle.
  2. great! thanks for info!
  3. [TR] Little Tahoma - 5/6/2008

  4. hola chicos y chicas, i´ve been travelling throught south america for few months now, and i was wondering if anybody knows it´s possible to get/buy a guide book for cordilliera blanca in english somewhere in peru (e.g. huaraz)? gracias, joanna.
  5. WOW! Totally outstanding pictures!
  6. Glacier Peak conditions?

    I was thinking about riding a bike on the road. Is it doable? Or it is too much of a hassle?
  7. Glacier Peak conditions?

    It's hard to find any trip reports from Glacier.. Nobody climbs there any more? I was thinking about Kennedy Glacier. Any suggestions? Many thanks, Asia
  8. ?Snowfield Peak/ Nave Glacier conditions?

    pictures - here they come: http://www.flickr.com/photos/13118816@N00/sets/72157600687669370/ (most of them by my partner, krystian) enjoy!
  9. ?Snowfield Peak/ Nave Glacier conditions?

    o.k. so i went there, and for those who still don't know - just clear sky, two beautiful glaciers, and outstanding views! ... and bear footprint on colonial glacier... definatelly worth going
  10. really nice! I have few technical questions - I'm planning on doing the same this coming weekend: how many hours did it take you to do that whole thing? what gear you carry? what did you use? thanks:-)
  11. [TR] Mt Maude - North Face - 6/23/2007

    he he - you are the pretty good shape "old guy", Ira. do you remember this one?:
  12. Anybody has been in that area recently? I was planning on heading there this weekend.. thanks.
  13. Lost Camera on Maude

    I found the camera smiling to me while descending the same route :-)