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  1. [TR] Matthes Crest - S to N Traverse 7/8/2007

    Nice report and pics. Hey Brian. My foots broken! How'd the other pics still come out? Email them to me when you get a chance. especially the one of me breaking my foot.
  2. Westfalia Camper *DELETED*

    um... no. on another subject did anyone get the PM's I sent. I tried to respond to them all. did everyone just loose interest or did something go wrong with the internets. zach
  3. Westfalia Camper *DELETED*

    The person who was going to buy the van backed out and it looks like I'll be in town a little longer. So it's still available.
  4. anything alpine 8-18 through 8-25

    Oops just saw a pic of the N Face route. crummy.
  5. anything alpine 8-18 through 8-25

    Juan, it's definately doable. I just got back from another trip. Let me know if you can do it a different day. Zach
  6. Would like to do Dome or Sinister, Buckner, or whatever. I can go fast and am available all week starting tomorrow. I have a car but only until Monday. Zach
  7. Light Weight Harness

    TRANGO! the light one. cheap light small
  8. Sawtooth Ridge

    That's the one. Let me know when you have the time.
  9. Sawtooth Ridge

    Looking for a partner to do a traverse of Sawtooth ridge sometime this summer. I have weekends off.
  10. Rainier climbing pass

    Is there a forum for bitching about the Fee Demo Program?
  11. Rainier climbing pass

    How long is it good for?