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  1. 60L Clio Worksack - used once, perfect condition, all straps included. Yours for $150, plus shipping. Here's the link (except mine is gray and blue): http://www.cilogear.com/60lws.html Here's the review: http://www.alpinist.com/doc/web08f/ms-jr-cilogear-worksack
  2. Hood SS Conditions?

    All good on the SS as of last night - straight forward with the exception of the catwalk being largely melted out and the "One O'Clock Coulior" being the chossy exit of choice to avoid the sketch of the catwalk. No wind and bluebird - 12 year old kid tore it up, great outing!
  3. Hood SS Conditions?

  4. Hood SS Conditions?

    I'm thinking of taking my kid up the South Side this thursday night - I've never been on the route this late in the season. Anybody been up there recently? I'm curious on snow cover, rockfall, etc. - many thanks!
  5. Trip: Liberty Bell - Fire in the Sky - Date: 8/13/2012 Trip Report: The last few times we've been on top of Liberty Bell we couldn't help but notice that there were sandy benches at the true summit that would be a cool place to bivy and watch the sun go down. So it was that on the night the Perseid Meteor shower peaked Dave and I found ourselves heading up the approach trail with packs stuffed with overnight gear, food for several weeks and a fine selection of whisky. We arrived on top just after the sun went down, enjoyed a beautiful sunset and a great meal. With the lack of light pollution and the elevation the stars were intense. We began seeing the Perseids around 10p coming out of the northeast. Amazing variety of colors, with some leaving long tracer lines.
  6. enchantments camping permits?

    Last time I "checked" it was $125 per violator.
  7. lightest way to purify water?

    Try a Steripen - lighter/smaller than a filter and good to go in 60 seconds.
  8. I've got 2 permits available for August 16 - e-mail me if interested - fieldsmr@gmail.com
  9. These passes are still available.
  10. I've got two MSH permits available for this friday, 7/15. Either for sale or trade. Thanks, Mike Shoot me an e-mail if interested: fieldsmr@gmail.com
  11. FS: BD Firstlight, I Tent, Eldorado Vestibule

    I have an Eldo from about 5 years ago - don't know what year your vestibule is or if it matters (design probably didn't change). I'm interested - I'm in Seattle.
  12. [TR] Mt. Baker - North Ridge 7/5/2010

    Great report and pics! Did you camp at the 6,000' camps or higher? What about gaining the base of the ridge - did you go climbers left around the ridge and up, or come in from climbers right and directly up? Thanks.
  13. [TR] Shuksan - sulphide + pyramid 1/22/2010

    Looks like a great trip - could you drive to the trailhead and were you able to skin from the lot? Thanks
  14. I'm an ex-Juneauite now living in Seattle and am looking for a partner for a climb of the Main Tower/Mendenhall Towers via the West Ridge. I will be up in Juneau this summer visiting family 7/22-7/28 and would be looking to climb for 3-4 days immediately before or after these dates. Due to time constraints it would have to be a heli approach. Let me know if you're interested or want to know about the route. You can contact me at fieldsmr@gmail.com Thanks, Mike