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  1. BD screws, tools, etc.

    what a deal on the CFBPs! Not for me though. any pics of the Salewa hammer?
  2. Infinite Bliss, Sept 17

    Bump - packing tonight, still looking for a partner.
  3. Infinite may be an overstatement, looking for finite bliss this Saturday. Coming from the swamps of Houston, and need to get a day of vertical mileage in this Saturday. 23 pitches may be a stretch for me, but can see 15-20 no problem. Any interest this Saturday? pm me, thanks. Aloha, John Canby
  4. FS: Five Ten Galileo size 9 1/2

    Shipped for $65 total? PM sent.
  5. WANTED: Inexpensive Set of Ice Tools

    Pair of Fusions - http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/997245/FS_Nepal_Extremes_Fusions_Cams#Post997245 make me an offer if you want. -John
  6. Statistic survey: good fitting Mt. boots.

    40% have been good. For the other 60%, I either made them work for a while, or they killed me. More favorable ratio than with ski boots. Asolo Yukon - no Koflach Viva - no Trezetta leather boots that were this hideously gorgeous combo of orange and dark green - yes Scarpa Inverno 2nd gen - no Koflach Clima Comprex - no. used a lot of foam trying to make them work. Koflach can't remember the name - yellow, orange and white with buckles - no Scarpa Inverno, 3rd gen - no La Sportiva K3 - yes La Sportiva Nepal Extreme - yes La Spoprtiva Trango Alp - yes
  7. Grip of stuff for sale, see pics here: http://s90.photobucket.com/albums/k241/jmcanby/Sale2011/ All gear is stuff that I would continue to use if I wasn't living in the godforsaken wasteland of Houston. Shipping - included in the price of the boots and tools. For everything else, let me know what you want & we will work it out. La Sportiva Nepal ExtremesSold, sz 43.5, $100 shipped. Leather treated regularly with Nikwax paste, liners and insulation in great condition. Rands cracked, but not delam'ing from the boots - either ignore it,or spackle with Barge. Soles in good condition. Black Diamond Fusion tools, pair, $230 shipped. Handles/shafts taped, light wear. Good life left on the picks. Includes 4 spacers (2 large, 2 small), and pick wrench (not shown). HB Quadcams with nylon slings, sz. 00,0,1/2,1,1 1/2, and 3. $20ea. HB Quadcam with dyneema sling, sz. 1/2. $15. WC Tech Friends, sz 0-3. $15ea. Trigger wire on the #2 (purple) is frayed, wrapped with tape. Good shape, no deformation to cams. WC Rigid FriendsSold, sz 2 1/2, 3 1/2. $10 ea. good action, good shape, replace the slings though. Metolius cams, #3 quad, #4 tricam, #5 quad. $10 for the #2,#4, $20 for the #5. #3 cams have some deformation. Chouinard #3 Camalot in cherry condition. $30. Lowe/Trango ball nuts sz 3, 5. $15 ea. #3 is a Lowe, #5 is a Trango. #5 placed and weighted, #3 never weighted. BD chalk bag. $7. large cylinder. replacement frontpoint for Grivel RambosTaken. free if you buy something else.
  8. WTB, La Sportiva Nepal Evo GTX boots 43

    Still looking for a pair? PM me, and I'll send you some pics. I've got a pair of Nepal Extremes (pre-EVO), sz. 43. -John
  9. Random rock pro, one ice axe for sale

    #5 mine. mine, mine! PM sent, John
  10. pm sent on the climb high pack. -John
  11. Some dude is champing at the bit for a POS Pika, but no interest in pounding the rock into submission with electro-mecanical authority?!?! Well, if you're too weak to stance with 10 lbs of drill in your hand, I guess the Pika is a good option... -John (who has become to weak to stance-drill with a massive blue machine in hand).
  12. Used Bosch cordless hammer drill, 24V, 2.4Ah. $200 shipped to you, Paypal only. [Alternatively, for pick-up, I will be in Seattle area July 12-15, Pasadena, CA area July 24-25]. Intermittent email for the next few days - either email at jmcanby@hotmail.com, or call (808) 469-2964. Comes with: (1) drill (2) batteries (1) case (1) charger also 3 SDS bits (2 are 1/4", the other is 3/8"), and some grease. Does NOT include depth gauge (missing, don't know where it went.) Otherwise, drill set is complete. Batteries still hold plenty of charge - last year each battery was good for 8-10 3/8" x 3" bolts in granite. Drill has not been used since then. I charged the batteries up last week to check them, still good. Drill is used - see pics for condition. No known electrical or mechanical problems, I would continue to use it with no reservation. Pictures: [img:left]http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k241/jmcanby/Bosch/bosch_1.jpg[/img] [img:left]http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k241/jmcanby/Bosch/bosch_2.jpg[/img] [img:left]http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k241/jmcanby/Bosch/bosch_3.jpg[/img] [img:left]http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k241/jmcanby/Bosch/bosch_4.jpg[/img] [img:left]http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k241/jmcanby/Bosch/bosch_5.jpg[/img] [img:left]http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k241/jmcanby/Bosch/bosch_6.jpg[/img] [img:left]http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k241/jmcanby/Bosch/bosch_7.jpg[/img] [img:left]http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k241/jmcanby/Bosch/bosch_8.jpg[/img] For more info: http://store.boschpowertoolsource.com/bos1124vroth.html http://www.berntsen.com/GoShopping/Surveying/HammersDrivingT>>>>>