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  1. Prusik Peak West Ridge Beta

    Has anyone gone up Prusik in the last couple of weeks? How are the trail / camp conditions? Any snow coming up over Assgard? Downed trees via Snowcreek? Access to water in the basin?
  2. [TR] Mt. Hood- Leuthold Couloir 2/19/2006

    letsroll - I use a Garmin Foretrex 101. However, I imported the track into Terrain Navigator LOS/topo software, created a route based on the track and then exported it. I am not sure of the formatting of the route file (rxf), but if you open the file in a text editor, you can see the coordinates for the individual waypoints of the route, some of which include descriptive names if they represent significant spots on the route. Great point CC - it sure makes it a lot more fun without GPS or coolade! I think of GPS as insurance and use it only when I absolutely need to (has happened on a couple of occasions).
  3. [TR] Mt. Hood- Leuthold Couloir 2/19/2006

    Both the GPS track and derived route can be downloaded here The Couloir entrance should be at 45.37247462, -121.70774234 Cheers
  4. [TR] Mt. Hood- Leuthold Couloir 2/19/2006

    Route was mostly styrofoam, with many icy spots. I don't think it would have made for a good ski. If it was any warmer, avy would have been a concern. There was definately ice at 1-2ft level underneath. Yokum looked rimed up good, but judging from the consistency of the rime in the gully, I don't know how climbable it would be.
  5. Climb: Mt. Hood-Leuthold Couloir Date of Climb: 2/19/2006 Trip Report: Skied from Timberline at 7:15AM, very cold (10 degrees?). Roped up in a team of two at Illumination Saddle and protected with vertical pickets from below Hourglass to Summit. Four experienced buddies soloed the route ahead of us without any problems. Excellent conditions, relatively warm when in sun, little ice/rock fall. 10 hrs round trip. Check link below for climb photos: Trip Photos Gear Notes: Three pickets. Used running belay.
  6. Hood conditions- info.

    The conditions were suprisingly good Sunday. Was able to skin up to Hogsback and climb through Pearly Gates w/o crampons, though second tool came handy for a somewhat steep section of ice. Freezing level was probably somewhere just under 11000ft as things were pretty solid and quiet from just above the buried schrund to the summit. Ski down was awesome, best snow I have been on up there in a couple of years. Left PDX at 8:00AM, started climbing at 10:00AM and was back at the car by 5:00PM. Very nice compared to your standard spring climb timing. Pics are available at following address: http://www.chubbyhiker.com/galleries/200...Side/index.html Cheers
  7. [TR] Mt. Jefferson- South Ridge 8/18/2005 (solo)

    Greg - you are da man.
  8. [TR] Mt Rainier- Emmons Glacier 7/17/2005

    No, I don't think it was us with the BBQ A fun time, nevertheless...BTW - is there a way I can get your photos in hi-res. My team is seen in many of them - it would be nice to check them out in more detail.
  9. [TR] Mt Rainier- Emmons Glacier 7/17/2005

    Wow! Nice write up. I was camped with my party of four at the highest site at Emmons Flats (blue and yellow tent to 30ft the left of the boot tracks). We noticed a whole lot of commotion around the area where your described the fall took place, however, we thought people were just practicing CR! Shortly after that, a member of our own party walked down to use the facilities at Shurman un-roped. Our pre-caution was that he took a radio with him. How silly. What a lesson! Check our my own trip report at http://www.chubbyhiker.com/emmons/ Cheers