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  1. I'm looking to do some day or half day weekend cragging or alpine routes within range of Kirkland. I've been climbing for 10+ years but with kids, I haven't got out much in the last few years. I'm good to lead up to 5.10a and have a rack and all the stuff. I also have a somewhat flexible work schedule so I could do weekday dawn patrols at Index or 32/38.
  2. Hey, going to be up in Whistler Friday through Monday and would love to get out on some ice. Rambles? Marble? Pemberton? If anyone is looking for a partner please get back to me. I will have a car there and can bring all of the required gear.
  3. Hi Scott, My climbing partners have all moved away and I really want to get out. I am unfortunately stuck with weekends but could possibly get a friday or a monday off around them. i would love to finally finish Rainier (weather pushed me back twice at 13.5) or get on some other peaks. I've been up most of the volcanoes and am comfortable on ice and rock. If you are out on a weekend and have a spot I would love to go. jason
  4. It was good to "share" prusik with you guys on such a fine day. The west route was fine but you guys definitely made the right choice. Thanks for posting pics I am too lazy to do myself.
  5. Employment sucks! I can't delete the original post but my open schedule is now only weekends. If anyone is up for finding the last bit of ice I have a full rack and a car to get us there. A road trip to Canada works as does something like Chair Peak.
  6. yea i suck. the thread belongs in the alpine lakes forum but it doesn't seem like i can move it now unless someone else knows how. we are heading up this weekend so the TR will follow.
  7. Holy hell those pics are fantastic. I can't wait to get into that area. Thanks for all of the good info and I'll be sure to remember the flask.
  8. Does anyone have any beta on the climbing conditions in late May/early June for Prusik peak? Is it advisable to take up crampons and ice tools? Does the trail typically require slowshoes? Any info would be much appreciated.
  9. Having been awed by the earlier TR on Index (http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=643839) and seeing the night pic of the climber it all makes sense now. Great show Colin. Hopefully we will hear about your adventures in Pakistan later this year.
  10. Holy hell that sounds like a brilliant trip. Thanks for the hot springs tip. I never seem to remember to do it when up there but now I've written it down in my guide book.
  11. how did the avi conditions look? the skiing around steven's was great on saturday too.
  12. So the gully is Bridge Creek or is it the larger flow above and to the right of it?
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