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  1. Hello, I found someones climbing log at the base of Party in Your Pants at Vantage (Sunshine wall area) this past Sunday. Message me here and I can get it mailed back to you asap! Good luck seeing this and have a great week!
  2. Red Rocks Guidebook Recommendation

    I highly recommend the Jerry Handren book. Comprehensive and with very few errors. http://www.redrocksguidebook.com/contact-us.html Just got back from an 8 day trip down there myself. Awesome as usual. You will have a blast.
  3. Ride share to Red Rocks March 23rd - April 1st.

    Yo Christian, Just sent you an e-mail.
  4. Ride share to Red Rocks March 23rd - April 1st.

    Yo Alpinfox, Will be contacting you sometime this evening. Thanks for the heads up!
  5. Ride share to Red Rocks March 23rd - April 1st.

    Sorry for the slow replies. I think I have gotten back to everyone that has messaged me as of this morning. I am still 100% on for this trip and plan on leaving the 23th anytime from noon on. Need to be back to Spokane Sunday April 1st or at least in time to roll into work by 8 on Monday the 2nd:). Driving a newer Subaru Legacy with full roof rack. Hit me up if interested!
  6. Hello all, Just posted this on Mountain Project, but am trying it here as well. I lost my partner for Red Rocks, but I am still hoping to give this trip a go. I am planing to leave the Spokane area the evening of March 23 and pull an all nighter to get down there (16 hours on average from Spokane). I have spent many months climbing at RR over the years and I know it really well especially the longer trad classics. Climb trad to 5.12+ and sport to .13. 25 years of climbing experience with NO accidents:) What I'm not looking for is to teach new climbers how to lead, or spend all day lounging around and only getting a few pitches in. Sorry if that offends anyone, but I spend a lot of time doing that locally already and now its time to send! Way more interested in trad than sport. I am highly motivated and hoping for a gung ho go for it trip. Last time down did 210 pitches in 11 days - not bragging, just trying to give some perspective as to my motivation level. Hit me up if interested and thanks in advance! John
  7. Spokane next Tuesday & Wednesday

    I would suggest Minnehaha (aka John Shields Park) on Upriver Drive. Pretty good bouldering no matter what. Q'emiln Park near Post Falls (Exit 5 - Spokane St. just East of the State Line) is another good option. Feel free to PM me for more info or check the rockclimbing.com route database for other suggestions. I will be out of town this week or I would climb with you. Good luck!!
  8. Metallica

    Yes Billlcoe!! Best climbing/song combo ever. What a badass Dano was. I am most sickened by his near plummet at 9:37. What a save!!
  9. Yo I need a mentor.

    Hey Dustin, I've got a pretty busy schedule, but I'm sure that I could work in some time to get you out somewhere. Snow creek wall, Chimney rock, Index, etc... Not sure if I know you already?? I am also in Cheney. Good luck in your search. John
  10. Driving from Seattle to Red Rox

    Have a great time Crillz. This will be the first time in six years that I will not be going to Vegas for Spring break. While I had an awesome time each year, its finally time for something new. This year INDIAN CREEK
  11. Driving from Seattle to Red Rox

    I'll second tlinn's suggestion of Yakima, Boise, Twin Falls, etc... Pretty straight shot, with the only one iffy weather spot after Snolquamie in the Blue Mountains near Pendelton, Or.
  12. Index Friday May 22nd??

    Hey thanks Kevin, I sure enjoyed our trip out to Index last year!! Hope school is treating you well. Keep cranking and I'll see you at out there!! PS. Sorry Robert, I won't be getting to Seattle until late Thursday. If you are free Friday we can probably work something out for then.
  13. Index Friday May 22nd??

    Thanks Man. Good luck on the Leavenworth thing. If that falls through, I can pick you up on my way or whatever works for you. The weather looks good and I'm super psyched to get back to Index!! I'll check back later in the week.
  14. Index Friday May 22nd??

    Just scouting for partner possibilities. I have all morning free, but have to leave around 4 pm. I don't get over to Index much anymore, but I know the area well, have a full rack and can lead up to 5.11+ trad. I'll be leaving from the Edmonds area and would be happy to drive. PM me for contact info. Thanks!! John
  15. Index Lower Town Wall Access Issue

    How much do a set of "Freeze dried lizard antlers cost??"