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  1. Josh, why are you bringing this up again after 13 pages of "interesting replies" over at NW Hikers? http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7974581&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0
  2. Hoosierdaddy


    WHEN were you born? How old are you there, Junior, because you punctuate and spell like you're still in junior high school.
  3. Reportedly the warmest on the planet: Technical Advantage Gear These look like they'd keep you warm on ANY planet!
  4. Not using this stuff at all and I need the $$ to buy a Cuben fiber tarp. Prices are firm. Shipping is extra, or I live in Poulsbo if you want to pick up. I take PayPal. Contact by PM or e-mail at: hoosierdaddy810 at hotmail dot com. •MLD bivy. Black Sil-nylon bottom, orange Epic top. (Happy Halloween!) Used once in a snow cave. Excellent condition. No bug netting, right hand half-length zip. 10.2 ounces on my scale. This is a $225 bivy and is perfect! $150 •Petzl Elios helmet. Size 2 (53-61cm. – 20.9-24 in.) Used once. No rock has ever touched it. $35 •Omega Pacific Evolution Ice Axe. 60cm. Girly PURPLE! Used twice for training only. $35
  5. BTW...the wide-mouth Nalgene Canteen is THE way to go when using a bandana to filter. (Light weight too!) It's pretty damned hard to fill a narrow-mouthed platy when scooping water up.
  6. Banos, You'll do just fine with tablets in the Baileys. I almost exclusively use Micropur tablets. http://www.katadyn.us/brands-products/katadyn/micropur-purification-tablets.html Those and a bandana to filter out the floaties.
  7. Although I can’t give you info on Bear Pass over to Olympus, I did do the Bailey Range in ’05, avoiding Cream Lake like the plague. Here is the WTA trip report (Including photo links) which describes the method to avoid Cream Lake on day #4: http://www.wta.org/go-hiking/trip-reports/tripreport-2005071620 The specific route had previously been described to me by another CC member: “The trick is to cross over the ridge before it makes a big left turn: From the catwalk you walk below the main SE trending ridgeline. Go past 11-Bull Basin, and the trail eventually takes a sharp left at the corner, to the east. This is the major ridge at peak #5988. There is a minor ridge (WSW trending) just before that corner. You are on a well worn path in a large talus field when you see that minor ridge. The minor ridge line has trees along its spine, except for a gap near the top. On the topo, the top of this ridge gets to a large flat area. Your destination will be there, at peak #5796 on the older USGS map. Now here's the part where many people have a hard time. Leave the well worn path that seems to continue forever and instead aim for that gap up in the tree line at the top of the minor ridge. Work your way up the steep but grassy cirque bowl to the obvious treeless gap. From there a game trail gets you the last 100-150' to the top (flat area, good camping, there's generally snow and water in a depression up there), then cross the major ridge to the east and look below to Stephen lake (big lake NW of Stephen Pk), or preferably tarns above the lake, warmer for swimming. Scramble down the loose talus from here and cross N, just above of Stephen Lake. Then climb up a gully system to NE of Stephen Pk.. (easy scramble to summit if so inclined), continue around the E shoulder of Stephen Pk, staying at about the same altitude if you can. Cross a couple of snow and rock fields as you head south, until you reach the ridge on the south side of Stephen Pk. From there simply walk along the ridge line game trail until you can find “easy” descent into Ferry basin in about a mile when the game trail ends at a cliff face. Another way is to ascend Carrie and then traverse the ridgeline all the way to the flat area mentioned above. I've never done it all, but did come back from the flat area to Ruth Pk (along the ridgeline) once. Viewed from Carrie summit, the traverse from Carrie to Ruth looked easy.” You can contact me at "hoosierdaddy810 at hotmail dot com" if I can help with any more info.
  8. This summer, several of us are going to attempt to find a certain waterfall in the Olympics. We expect to have to use rope in a few places; mainly for jumaring, rappelling and hauling, so I’m thinking that I need to look for static rope instead of dynamic. So, first question...is static rope appropriate for that purpose? Next, weight is a HUGE issue with me, but so is safety. I was wondering if someone could recommend a specific rope brand that is very lightweight while quite strong, the most probable usable length, dry vs. non-dry ropes, diameter to weight ratio, sheath construction and what general properties I should be looking for when I buy it.
  9. Not at all...I'm simply looking for additional information like Blackhawk is, on that shortcut between Skyline & Queets basin so that I don't have to bushwack. As for an "inadvisable idea", who are you to judge?
  10. I, also would appreciate any info that exists on that route. I've scoped it out on Google Earth, but I'd love first hand information! Several of us are in the early stages of planning for an 11-day trip into the Queets in the summer. The thought of bushwhacking up the Queets valley for several days straight doesn't sound quite as appealing as only a 5 hour bushwhack.
  11. http://www.skipulk.com/ I made one using their pole setup. Use it every year.
  12. Some people just did it on Monday the 27th and posted this trip report over at nwhikers.
  13. Good route info and waypoints are in Olympic Mountains, A Climbing Guide
  14. I think this may be problematic. Expecting both people to stay on their backs in order to stay inside the hoods throughout the night isn't realistic. There has to be some movement allowed if you expect them to spoon. Maybe a detachable down-filled hood? Now this I like! Great idea! With some tweaking and if the price is right, yeah I would probably buy it.
  15. Rope is gone. Harness still available.
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