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  1. Mt Adams NW Ridge

    Anyone up for NW Ridge of Adams? After seeing @adventure43 post last year it intrigued me. First or second weekend in July perhaps? Attached will be my climbing resume. Cheers!
  2. [TR] Mt Whitney - Mountaineers Route sub 24 hrs 05/05/2021

    We just scrambled up our own variation of the final 400. Climbing 3/4th class rock. We traversed passed the normal ascent up the 400 but decided to bypass and look for more interesting terrain 😎
  3. Trip: Silver Star Mountain - Silver Star Glacier via Silver Star Sno Park Trip Date: 05/16/2021 Trip Report: It was a tossup between Ruby or Silver Star Mountain this past weekend in the North Cascades. First time in the National Park, so as a Washington Native and Tacoma Born/raised you can diss on me all you want Went for Silver Star instead of Ruby Mountain. Wanting that extra elevation gain! Started at 6am from the Silver Star Sno Park trailhead. Mix of trail and snow from the start. Broke out on the first Boulder field then into the swamp! Followed good tracks. With a good 4-5 feet of snow there was little punch through in the morning. Different story on the way down! Followed a SE Approach to the Silver Star Glacier. Donned Crampons and Ice Axe "just in case." Long slog to the Burgundy Col kinda like the slog to Muir? Beautiful views though! Wind from the SW was blowing through the col so grab some protection either relaxing or gearing up for the last push to the summit. Class 3-4 with a couple route options. Either right to grab some slabs with some Northern exposure or stay left and shimmy up the Chimney which I did. Easy little push through, trust the rock and a beautiful view on the summit! Some pictures around the journey. Was enjoying it too much to take my camera out all the time! Came back down the same way. People were postholing to their hips on different paths. Punched through some soft snow spots with running water underneath but nothing bad occurred. Follow me on instagram @dchromey253 for more adventures and climbs! Got Adams, Baker, (maybe Whitehorse?), another Whitney trip, Rainier in July and of course spontaneous adventures! Gear Notes: Crampons, Ice Axe, Helmet "just in case" Approach Notes: Start Early. its a beauty being in the shade. Hot on the glacier around 9am
  4. [TR] Mt Whitney - Mountaineers Route sub 24 hrs 05/05/2021

    This year was a much below average snowpack for the Sierras. We are lucky to have any snow in the chute itself!
  5. Trip: Mt Whitney - Mountaineers Route sub 24 hrs Trip Date: 05/05/2021 Trip Report: Pictures will be posted here. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @dchromey253 for more stories and pictures. What are the odds of my friend and I grabbing permits on the same day when applying for the lottery? Well we were part of the 11% who got overnight permits! Started off by flying to SLC to get picked up by my friends in the soon to be lovely off road Prius Hauled West to Trail Canyon Road for a shot at Nevadas Highest Point. Started at 8am Monday morning yet realized soon I did not drink any water since I was at SeaTac Airport Sunday morning Talk about me being so stupid. Dehydration settled in on the scree field but I thought throwing up once wouldn't hurt so I gained the ridge of Boundary Peak and kept going. Three other times film and vile came up I knew I was done. Couple hundred feet from the summit of Nevadas Highest Point I told myself to stop and recuperate downhill to get ready for the real challenge and goal of this adventure. A classic climb on Whitney! Started at Whitney Portal at 2:30 PM and got to Iceberg lake around 7:30 PM. Felt much better than Boundary since I have been drinking water bottles constantly! only had 27 lb pack due to lightweight gear.My other buddies had 29 and 32 lb packs. No tent just pad and bag at Iceberg. Everything frosted over temps were low to mid 30s. Left camp at 5:45 am. Climbed the chute in 1.5 hours with the variation of the final 400 actually was faster than the normal way up the final 400. Summited at 8:00 am the highest point in the lower 48. No one else up there so we napped till a solo person came up from the Trailhead at 2am and a couple from the Switchbacks mentioned there was hardly no snow on the switchbacks. Hauled down around 9:30. Glissaded the chute it was chunky so the bum was feeling sore! All in all a good descent. Got off track a bit above lower and the ledges but retraced our steps to make it back down in under 24 hours. First time climbing in the Sierras and no problems with altitude so sub 24 in 2 days was very nice to get done. oh yes didn't even see 20 people the 2 days we were there! so amazing! Friends had to head back to SLC so I stayed in Alabama Hills and Mammoth till this past Sunday. Will be returning in June with a friend for the Switchback route! Pictures below! Gear Notes: Ice axe, crampons, and helmet. First two for another month or so before the snow goes bye bye. Approach Notes: Portal to Iceberg Lake the first day. Save yourself from the slog between Upper Boy Scout and Iceberg Lake. No real continuous snow until the Chute. Much different climbing than the PNW norm back home.
  6. Trip: Mt Hood Sunrise 4/18/21 - Pearly Gates Right Gully up, Left Gully Down Trip Date: 04/18/2021 Trip Report: A couple weeks late but grabbed my second summit of Mt Hood! Good snow and ice with an ice axe and one tool I felt comfortable. The staircase with our warm April weather helped a bunch! Follow my instagram for more photos and videos! @dchromey253 Started at 11:30PM from Timberline Lodge. No crampons until top of Palmer. Could smell sulfur from the parking lot! Yuck! Climbed all through the night to see the sunrise from the roof of Oregon. The Right Gully is doable with 2 10 foot ice steps with good ice to plunge those tools in. The Left Gully had good snow with a small patch of ice but with good foot holds the past 2 weeks down climb was a breeze. 6 hours up and about 6 down! 😄 The long slog is the worst part. Safe travel on the mountain! IMG_3465.HEIC IMG_3473.HEIC IMG_5243.HEIC IMG_5251.HEIC IMG_5284.HEIC Gear Notes: Two Tools on steep snow/ice Approach Notes: Slog up in the dark via groomed trail
  7. for sale Baruntse 44.5 For Sale

    Hello! I just got back from Denali and would like to sell my Baruntse Boots! Besides some normal crampon wear they are in great condition! Let me know if you are interested. I bought them from Amazon full price so 688 with tax. I am trying to sell them for 550 cause they are still pretty new. I used them a total of 16 days on Denali. Warm Boot! Send me a message! email me for faster communication: dchrmy253@gmail.com
  8. Hello! I am looking to buy Olympus Mons or baturas size 45 for Denali. I am looking at Brand new ones to buy obviously but looking for options. If I buy these I will use them for future climbs as I have sights set on bigger peaks so they will be put to good use. Let me know if you have any available. Best way to get in touch is email dchrmy253@gmail.com Thank you!