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  1. Trip: Mt Hood Sunrise 4/18/21 - Pearly Gates Right Gully up, Left Gully Down Trip Date: 04/18/2021 Trip Report: A couple weeks late but grabbed my second summit of Mt Hood! Good snow and ice with an ice axe and one tool I felt comfortable. The staircase with our warm April weather helped a bunch! Follow my instagram for more photos and videos! @dchromey253 Started at 11:30PM from Timberline Lodge. No crampons until top of Palmer. Could smell sulfur from the parking lot! Yuck! Climbed all through the night to see the sunrise from the roof of Oregon. The Right Gully is doable with 2 10 foot ice steps with good ice to plunge those tools in. The Left Gully had good snow with a small patch of ice but with good foot holds the past 2 weeks down climb was a breeze. 6 hours up and about 6 down! 😄 The long slog is the worst part. Safe travel on the mountain! IMG_3465.HEIC IMG_3473.HEIC IMG_5243.HEIC IMG_5251.HEIC IMG_5284.HEIC Gear Notes: Two Tools on steep snow/ice Approach Notes: Slog up in the dark via groomed trail
  2. for sale Baruntse 44.5 For Sale

    Hello! I just got back from Denali and would like to sell my Baruntse Boots! Besides some normal crampon wear they are in great condition! Let me know if you are interested. I bought them from Amazon full price so 688 with tax. I am trying to sell them for 550 cause they are still pretty new. I used them a total of 16 days on Denali. Warm Boot! Send me a message! email me for faster communication: dchrmy253@gmail.com
  3. Hello! I am looking to buy Olympus Mons or baturas size 45 for Denali. I am looking at Brand new ones to buy obviously but looking for options. If I buy these I will use them for future climbs as I have sights set on bigger peaks so they will be put to good use. Let me know if you have any available. Best way to get in touch is email dchrmy253@gmail.com Thank you!