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  1. Sport vs Trad

    But then of course, you have no fucking idea how stupid or not that might or might not be so it's a pretty mute point beyond you simply talking out your ass... i doubt he's really the type that would appreciate anything but a liquor-induced lobotomy. which it seems as though he has permanently given himself. trying to have any discourse with him is impossible; single sentence platitudes are about the extent of his cognitive repertoire.
  2. Sport vs Trad

    hey joe, why don't you use chalk?
  3. Sport vs Trad

    this is where you lose me, when you start to define what "climbing" is. "real" climbing? "entertainment" climbing? seems silly to me. i'll just go "climbing" and let others worry about labeling it.
  4. Sport vs Trad

    damns.... looks nasonish.
  5. GWB, What Have You Done For Me Lately?

    actually, i asked about your misgivings regarding the "ruinous path" you speak of.
  6. GWB, What Have You Done For Me Lately?

    well that's partially true, but very specific mechanics allowed the situation to evolve devolve to crisis stage. really good article in latest issue of vanity fair about AIG worth checking out, if yer interested. yer telling me peeps haven't changed their lives "one iota"? you might have missed the news memo about consumer spending savings rates etc etc etc. "business as usual"? there has been no "business as usual", and would have been even less so if banks and manufacturing had gone under. see above. if not, then specify your misgivings about the "ruinous path". please no monosyllabic insults.
  7. Sport vs Trad

    so ummmm this pic: where izzit? public info or keepin it lowlow? looks maybe really good?
  8. Sport vs Trad

    yeayea, i've been meaning to check out his crag. wednesdays are the days, it seems.
  9. Sport vs Trad

    vs sport climbing, where success is always assured. heh, i'll remember that next time i tie in on project. i'll be sure to get it!
  10. GWB, What Have You Done For Me Lately?

    and Obama is continuing to prop up this house of cards and bullshit "we deserve more than we could possibly afford" attitude now seriously, what do you fine intelligent folk see as the outcome here? sure we're going deeper in debt, but still less as a % of gdp than back during that last great american war. and bonds continue to sell at lower than expected interest rates. and what, our debt is comparable to the entire EU as a whole? no, the present trajectory seems a bit ummm untenable, but where do you see it exactly going? ok bonds start to bid at higher and higher interest rates....
  11. Sport vs Trad

    i must add that in no way was i ridiculing what you do for a living. hell, i'm not even sure that you actually rob graves; i'm just going by what others have said! and what do i do for a living? take care of a new baby and bolt new sport climbs!
  12. Sport vs Trad

    i don't know this choada boy fellow; what are the marks of his ignorance? i must publicly declare that what i do for a living has nothing to do with desecrating graves. whether or not this makes what i do for a living interesting? oi vei, i don't know. i imagine grave robbing could be a pretty darn good time!
  13. Sport vs Trad

    were you in the black panthers in the '60's? i would suggest though that the next time your kin attempt to start getting all desecratory on some pristine grave somewhere, that you pop in indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark in protest. yes, that is what you should do.
  14. Sport vs Trad

    i'm surprised to hear that. j tree is one area i strongly support bolt limitations, if not even removal in many cases. perhaps some voices can make a diff. the crags around here, not so much. nothing around here approaches j tree's sacredness, imo. my favorite crag at the moment is buried in a cluster of trees in the middle of a clear cut, 30 degrees overhanging for 60 to 80 feet, and it's a grid of bolts. hella fun, no one's ever gonna see it, and where it's at i support full grid bolting!
  15. Sport vs Trad

    i'd say that there are things you might do "for the cause" if you feel so strongly. i don't know what level your engagement is in a public policy process sense, but i'd rather a person work towards their ideals even if i might disagree with them. kind of a principle thing. joshua tree adopted a pretty sensible management plan, if i remember right....
  16. Sport vs Trad

    glad to hear that. nothing like climbin with a good vibe on! just to add, i've been siked on all climbing, from solos to trad to big walls etc., each one appealing to me in different ways at different times. last few years it's been all about sport and bouldering though. i think pure physical difficulty has always appealed to me, simply because of the challenge it presents, and having that challenge evolve. i fully appreciate the different challenge that your pursuit offers too: engaging in a very different way.
  17. eh, not really if those 25 feet are the ones that intimidate the person. climbing the suggested pitches above could be good prep.
  18. Sport vs Trad

    yeah but to compare the perceived cognitive limitation to that of said 15 year old's.... oh well, it's the internet, right?
  19. Sport vs Trad

    yeah cuz it's about the individual's perception, and for whoever that perception still exists, it's "alive". and i think joe has become jaded and allows what he disagrees with to ruin it for him. he can't make climbing his own, so he's imprisoned by others. this mindset would follow him i think to the most pristine cliffs. that's why dosing might help him, to let go of his imprisoning perceptions?
  20. Sport vs Trad

    not a matter of him being "cool" or not, regardless of who you are referring to....
  21. Sport vs Trad

    whatsup? he's an eager 16 year old kid, right? kinda cold, methinks.
  22. Sport vs Trad

    i seem to be one of the few of what one might call sportos here who can at least sense where joe is coming from, and from that place, i would say climbing is dead. it isn't adventure in that sense anymore. it's a very different experience for most people, i'd say, but i doubt it was the way joe sees it for the majority even in his heyday. even so, i have great sympathy of sorts for what i see as the death of his vision. perhaps he can simply dose before climbing? do you really climb without chalk?
  23. i'd somewhat agree on p3 of GM; there are some similarities to gendarme, but i remember p3 being much harder. so in other words, go do p3 and if you get it, you won't have any problems on gendarme! i also seem to remember something kinda similar by the great northern slab, above the corner crack (aries?). kinda awkward overhanging wide weird thingy rated 5.9 and really short, mebbe sorta like the hardest part of the gendarme, but it's been many years so i might be entirely wrong....
  24. GWB, What Have You Done For Me Lately?

    Keep talking about "W" while B-HO drives us to complete bankruptcy. bah. US treasury bonds are highly desirable, with no end in sight.
  25. help getting inside the mind of the meth-head

    nothing like that threat to keep one straight....