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  1. Anyone climb Ranier?

    You should expect snow and ice.
  2. Crested Butte

    Lived there for about 8 years. Great mountain as long as there is plenty of snow. Best places to venture out are the North Face,Phoenix, and 3rd Bowl. If you are on a snowboard, there is a little pushing involved off of the North Face area. Be sure to ask or follow a few locals otherwise a pain in the ass to get back to lifts. The double blacks are steep and incredible drops all over. Reminds me of many of the double blacks at Baker. Definitely plenty of advanced terrain to not get bored. Of course, there are plenty of groomed (beginner runs)to be found. Night life- Talk of the Town and the Eldo; don't know if that works with kids though. If you are in the area for a while. Take the drive to the Black Canyon (Outside of Gunnison/Montrose)-about an hour.
  3. [TR] Snow Creek Wall- Outerspace 9/23/2006

    Well said Fern and Minx. When we started the route, the parties up above were already on pitch 3. I still can't believe these groups took this long to finish 3 more pitches. There is something to be said about speed equals safety. The groups ahead were in no hurry at all. In fact, the group behind ERic B's was taking a half hour break sitting on Library Ledge (at 5:30), while two other groups were waiting for them to move on. Definitely a sign of lack of experience in the mountains. I always wait for room on the belay above before the leader starts out. In hindsight, we should have rapped off, but bailing off of a climb can be risky as well- shitty slings and leaving gear is often a last resort.
  4. Outer Space Cluster F....

    Now I know why I never post on this site- too much spray. Finally they were brought up on top rope due to being in over their heads. I guess I deserved the backlash. I agree that everyone deserves a fair chance.
  5. Outer Space Cluster F....

    Went for a casual day of climbing on the Snow Creek Wall. At least that is what me and my partner thought. Started the day on the 10b Direct Variation only to come up on some newbies. I have never in my life seen a group so in over their heads and clueless on how to move fast. Literally they averaged 2 hours per pitch. Left my partner and another group with topping out in the dark and doing the descent in the dark. Spent 6 hours on a sketchy descent- those mother fu.....Of course the dipshits decided to camp on top. Fun... Fun...
  6. Bugaboos Partner Needed (Aug. 12- 20)

    No partner found yet. Still planning on leaving this Friday. Drop a pm if anyone is interested.
  7. I have plans to head to the Bugs from Aug. 12-20. Unfortunately, one partner backed out and we are now a group of 3. Need partner for separate climbing team. Looking to do routes in the 5.9/5.10 range. Respond ASAP if interested.