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  1. Lost climbing rope

    I'm a dumba** and left my climbing rope in the parking area at Ozone (Washington side of Columbia River Gorge) today, May 26th. It's a blue bi-pattern 10mm rope inside a dark green rope bag. PLEASE contact me if you came upon it! Thank you!
  2. how long/heavy till unable to carry kid in carrier

    My baby is only 9 months old and weighs 16 pounds. We use the Sherpani Rumba backpack, which claims to be hold up to 40 lbs. It might be worth it if you could find it used or on sale. They're almost $200 normally.
  3. climbing/agility for very small kids

    The Circuit Bouldering Gym on SW Macadam is super kid friendly. No rope ladders or anything like that, but you can certainly let your kid go pretty much everywhere there. I am not much of a boulderer, but when my daughter was between 4 weeks and 6 months old and I was on maternity leave, I went several times. I saw several small kids there with their parents. It's a pretty cool place. Check it out.
  4. Looking for climbing couples with kids/babies

    Excellent work everyone! Hemp, we will definitely have to hook up. How do you feel about April climbing at Smith? Before then, I've got some skiing to do and bike racing to struggle at. We take our baby everywhere- nasty ski lodge floor: check, shady caves at Smith: check, raging campfires: check.
  5. My husband and I are pretty avid weekend climbers during the the fall and spring- about 16 weekends total. We had a baby in August and quickly realized we need to bring more sets of hands when we climb. None of our climbing friends have children, so it's a bit of an imposition to expect them to come with us AND put up with a baby. Do you love to climb AND have kids?? Come climbing with us! We can trade off watching the kids and everyone will get to climb. We usually go to Smith and camp past Skull Hollow (did it last fall with the 8-week-old) or Tieton River Range and camp up one of the forest roads. Occasionally, we also make a trip to Frenchmen's Coulee and stay in my parents' cabin down the road. We are primarily sport climbers and climb in the 10b-10d range, but we are happy to climb with anyone. Shoot me a message and we can get together before the season starts (sorry, but it's ski season right now!).
  6. Skibowl 6 pass

    Hello all- I am not really sure which board this goes on, so moderator, feel free to move it if necessary. This year, Skibowl is selling $275 season passes in 6 packs. My husband and I are looking for 4 other people to go in with us. Is anybody interested? We have to buy them before November 7th. I don't really want to turn this in to a "this ski area is better, no, backcountry is better, blah, blah" post. I just want to find 4 people to go in with us! Also, I will be looking for carpool partners to Tele Tuesdays starting in January. I can leave town around 4. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks! Eryn
  7. Rock climbing in Boise

    I will definitely check out all the options you gave me! Thank you!
  8. Rock climbing in Boise

    Hello all- Hubby and I are heading to Boise for a 3-day weekend to climb and possibly mountain bike. Oh yeah, and we may go to a wedding sometime in there too. I did a search on this forum and can't find anything on climbing in Boise. The most I found was a comparison of Boise and Salt Lake. So..is there anything good around there? If you only had 3 days, where would you climb? We boulder, and climb sport and trad. We are about 5.10b sport climbers, but really low trad climbers (we're big wusses). If the climbing sucks, how is the mountain biking? What are some of the best trails? Thanks in advance ...I have searched in vain for a climbing guide at the shops in Portland, but with no success.
  9. I am a bad person. I posted about finding Spring Mountain, oh, about a month ago. Well, we went, we climbed and it was great. But I never posted a trip report so here it is: We arrived on Saturday morning to rain, which meant it was a perfect time for a nap in the tent. We finally woke up, it finally dried off and we headed to the cliff. Holy crap, I got spanked. I am normally a 10A leader and I LOVE balance climbs. I royally sucked. We started off on Chunky Monkey, with me leading. Everything was good, until THAT STEP. Being 5'2" didn't help the situation. I stood there and stood there and thought and though. I factored the fall on to the slab below me. I factored lots of things. Finally, I gave up and let the 6'1" hubby lead it. WTF? I NEVER bail on an 8! After a few 8's and a 9 which REALLY spanked me the next day, I discovered something. While Spring Mountain is really well protected, all of the clips are perfect for 6'0" people. My husband (barkernews) easily clipped bolts I have to make sketchy moves to clip. Stupid tall people. Anyway, it was a fabulous weekend, with the exception of the Whitman College posse that showed up and took all the routes in the sun on Sunday. Otherwise, an EXCELLENT alternative to the mall-like crowds at Smith. Now, if I could just grow a few inches...
  10. Spring Creek/Spring Mountain in the Wallowas??

    Thanks for all the info! I don't think we're headed there this weekend- probably next weekend. Sounds like a nice diversion from Smith!
  11. I have heard rumors of a nice climbing area in the Wallowas called Spring Creek or Spring Mountain or something like that. Where can I get some information? Also, what altitude is the climbing area (as in, would it be free of snow next weekend)? Is the trip out there worth it? While I love Frenchman's Coulee and Smith, I would really like to try someplace new. Thanks for any info.
  12. But my husband and I are headed to Interlaken (Jungfrau area of Switzerland) over Christmas. There are 3 resorts there. We are staying in Interlaken in a private room at the Happy Inn hostel for $300 for 6 nights. Sorry to say, but the Euro currently sucks. Go for the Swiss franc, which isn't that great, but a little better. Try these websites: http://www.jungfrau.ch/ http://www.happyinn.com/index.php?mod=h&kat=hohap I can report back when I return! Good luck!
  13. Mt. Adams South Side rescue

    My husband and I were climbing up on Sunday and stopped just below the Lunch Counter for a break. At that point, I decided I was too tired to continue (I had raced in a triathlon the day before) and encouraged him to go ahead. I then sat down for the long wait. I saw at least 3 hours of the rescue and I would agree that there were more personalities on the mountain than people. However, it made for a good show. Despite that, the rescue looked very safe and professional. The victim WAS glissading with crampons on, and seemed very alert and fairly comfortable, given the situation. I hope I never break a leg in a wilderness area. Over 24 hours to get me down? That's a long freakin' time. I just hope I have lots of Percocet!
  14. Memorial weekend at Smith Rock

    And look what happens! Geez, boys, calm down! No need to get so hot and heavy over the 5 hot girls that will actually show up at Smith this weekend!
  15. Memorial weekend at Smith Rock

    Claiming squatters' rights on any and every moderate climb within a 30 minute hike from the parking area. I'd rather be on Adams and I probably will be. And for the record, I have seen more bulging bellies in Prana shirts at Smith than tight abs in Prana shirts. They're usually the top-ropers, following their testosterone-filled boyfriends who think they're badasses because they lead a 5.7. But maybe I'm being too cynical? I do in fact own 3 Prana shirts myself!