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  1. No, that's not it. There was a hut involved and I believe those guys had themselves helicoptered in.
  2. Hi all, I am trying to find a trip report that was talked about here a while back. A bunch of guys stayed at a remote hut in Alaska for a week or two, and when their trip was about to end without an incident, they decided to try all the drugs they brought on themselves. I seem to remember that the TR was posted in several batches and possibly not on this site. Could you please help me find it? Thanks!
  3. Ingalls Peak - double rope beneficial?

    Thank you, great advice!
  4. Hi all, I realize this might be a silly question, but I would like to know if it is a good idea to bring 60 m double ropes for the rappel of the South Ridge route in Ingalls. Thank you! Armin
  5. Alpine bivy sack

    My wife and I have this one from Montbell (http://www.montbell.us/products/disp.php?cat_id=33&p_id=2321027) and it kept us dry when we got snowed on at Burgundy col. It's light, waterproof, packs small and is fully seam taped. But I have to agree with Matt, as we bailed in the morning anyway. Had it started snowing earlier in the night though, we would have been drier than without.
  6. Help me identify this climbing movie

    Hi Dan, You can order the movie from here: http://www.paladventurevideos.com/FWA.htm Best Armin
  7. If anybody has 2 or 3 tickets for the Banff Film Festival in Seattle to sell, please shoot me a PM. Thanks Armin
  8. I have a SPOT Personal Tracker (1st generation SPOT) for sale. Used less than 10 times. 50 USD or best offer. I am in Seattle. Please send me a pm if you are interested. Thanks.
  9. Ouray lodging w/ toddler?

    Does somebody have a good suggestion for lodging with a toddler in Ouray? The place should be nice, climber friendly, kids friendly, cheap and centrally located. Thanks for your help!
  10. WTB climbing wall for garage

    It's a double garage and standard height I guess?
  11. I am looking for a climbing/bouldering wall that fits in a garage. If you have one to sell, send me a pm. Thanks.
  12. Can anybody comment on the descent don from EMS? I would like to go back in there and find a better way down this time. According to Nelson "Easy downclimbing north leads onto the glacier.", but I have heard of at least one rappel station. Thanks.
  13. Stuart WR - conditions?

    This is Mt Stuart as of last Thursday (June 12 2008). Hope it helps.
  14. Snow in Enchantments

    How much snow is left in the Enchantments, does anybody know? Thanks.
  15. Avalanche Advisory

    Thanks for this.