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  1. WTB: Hilleberg Tent, FF or WM Bags

    sorry but I left on a trip and am just getting back to town. The tent is Red and 2 years old. Its in good condition, I can send a few photos later this week if you want. If you are not happy and return it straight away I will refund you minus shipping. The tent retails for $645 and I am selling this one for $350 plus shipping Joe
  2. FS: Feathered Friends Hummingbird Bag, Long

    I am interested, is there anything that you want to barter it for? I have lots of climbing, camping gear etc, Thanks
  3. Mazama Conditions?

    Adams Glacier in great shape, climbed it Monday and Tuesday, good, stable bridges
  4. WTB: Hilleberg Tent, FF or WM Bags

    I have a 2 person Nallo GT and a 2 person Nammatj GT that i might be interested in selling. The Nammatj also comes with spare cord and also a spare set of poles, since you can put 2 poles in each sleeve if the winds really get going
  5. Belay Anchors

    Cool thanks for the PAPA info. The only issue with your anchor for my climbing is that in the event of having to escape the belay to help your partner, its gets a little more complicated and time consuming. But then again how many times does that really happen. I also tend to multipitch in blocks so I would still need a power point for my belayer
  6. FOUND: Ice axe on Mt. Hood

    Hey a big shout out to wsix who not only found my client's axe but also came by my house to give it to me. Another good karma point for pdx climbers
  7. West Rib of Jefferson

    Climbed West Rib Monday and Tuesday, great conditions, there is still snow at the milk creek crossing but a little bush bashing up the left fork drainage harshed the buzz. Still camp at 6400ft was excellent and good snow and access to summit tower. Still some rime/and rotten snow for the last 20ft but that is what made it fun. I will try to get some pics tomorrow. Should stay in good condition for the w/e.
  8. Selling rando setup--skis/boots/bindings $500

    Hey Josh, I am interested, what size street and running shoe do you wear
  9. Lost Ski poles on Mt Hood

    We left some (4) ski poles just to climbers left of the Hogsback at about 10,700ft on West Crater Rim. We could not find them on the way down. They may be still there having been covered by the rime/snow coming off the rim, or taken by accident. If anyone has any info can they contact me. Thanks
  10. FOUND: Ice axe on Mt. Hood

    me again, I just remembered that a client of mine lost a Stubai in the practice area just east of the mudlot in the canynon
  11. FOUND: Ice axe on Mt. Hood

    Hi, I lost a Grivel Evolution axe, yellow 58cm on the Reid Headwall about 4 weeks ago and posted it here as lost, actually dropped!!. Hopefully that is the one you found
  12. How was the west rib looking like for climbing, thanks
  13. FS: Grivel Air Tech EVO axe and hammer

    Are they still for sale? I will take both if available, Thanks 541 9157520
  14. Hood ice/rock fall danger this weekend.

    my 2 cents, Traversing high above the hogsback below the headwall/cleaver with all that rime with previous reports of ice falling is not my idea of a climbing route in condition yet this is the route most climbers are choosing..."since it has a bootpack, it must be safe" sorry but I was referring to ice falling down from the rim itself. It seems that climbers have a very short term memory, (comes in handy sometimes!!!) but, like yes this has happened before at the same location and it will happen again cause guess what? the same conditions will appear again. But I still see climbers on the high traverse when warm temps are present and ice fall is reported and evident. I have traversed high myself but not under present conditions and much prefer the drop down off the hogsback through the fumeroles to the WCR
  15. Hood ice/rock fall danger this weekend.

    yes someone got hurt on the Mt Hood today and PMR was activated at 6.40am this morning. Subject evacuated by helicopter and PMR was placed on stand down at approx 1pm
  16. Hood ice/rock fall danger this weekend.

    I summited the wcr route via a castle crags exit onto the west side to avoid all the ice fall. Most of the larger ice fall was in my opinion climber related. Climb the Pearly Gates to avoid the crowds and the ice Fall. I am observed that although there was ice fall coming off the rim most folks were still doing the high wcr traverse, directly under the huge rime formation. My advice is to have a plan in case you see lots of people above you kicking ice down on you. Also today in these conditions if you are going to climb directly beneath some expect them to kick ice down, choose a different line and wear a helmet
  17. Advice Wanted - Mt. Hood Conditions - 5/7-8

    I was at the top of palmer on Tuesday morning at 4am. Winds gusting to 70mph with avg at 45mph. Wind direction was all over the place with major wind transport and slab formation, check out the telemetry data for that time http://www.nwac.us/products/archive/OSOTIM.2 and this is current http://www.nwac.us/products/OSOTML Regarding the Hogsback, I have had many snow pits fail on the slope between crater rock and the hogsback due to Low CT and HQ shears, columns jumping onto my lap after being isolated!!. It may not slide as WCR does, but it still can since in theory all the conditions for a slide are present quite often. I think this may in part bedue to the constant bootpacks that may have an anchoring effect on the slope, comments anyone?. I suggest you still go down and play in the snow, you will learn nothing by staying off the mountain, just be prepared to turn around if conditions warrant.
  18. dropped from high on the Reid Headwall on Friday, may have gone the whole way to the glacier. i will gladly pay a reward or swap you some other gear from my basement collection. Thanks
  19. Lost..actually dropped Grivel Evolution 58cm axe

    Thanks for the email, are you the threesome on Luetholds?. How was the climb?, pretty awesome conditions, Yea, the guide is a friend of mine and pretty much all of us use the same axe. I think we met earlier, I am Joe,
  20. Reid Headwall on MT Hood

    Sorry Folks but no pics yet, just to say that conditons were excellent there today, cold and no wind meant for perfect climbing, stryoform and neve with a little ice mixed in. The water ice off Hawkins Cliff is looking very inviting. My partner dropped my Grivel Evolution 58cm axe, if you find it, there is a reward as I would appreciate getting it back, Thanks
  21. WTB AT Boots 28 or 28.5

    Looking for a pair of AT Boots 28 or 28.5. Will pay cash or barter. I have a new ie unused pair of arcteryx bibs which retail approx $520 or a pair of Simond Naja's ice tools (new picks).
  22. BCA Tracker Beacon

    Is the beacon still for sale
  23. Climber death on North Side of Hood

    Offwhite:. I was on the mountain over the w/e camped at base of snowdome and saw the two climbers climbing the Sunshine route. Regarding Steve's comment on the missing helmet. The fact that the helmet may not have saved the climber from injury is a mute point. The fact that they did not have helmets means that they did not consider rockfall to be a issue and that speaks to their perception of the exposure present on the mountain at the time. I am very familiar with the route they chose to descend and I saw it from the summit on the Thursday and in my opinion it was totally out of climbing condition, (up or down). I am simply stating facts and I am just sad at another unnecessary death on the mountain.
  24. WTB: strap-on crampons, lightweight

    If you live in Portland, I have a pair of alum with straps for $20. Joe
  25. Good TR on the climb, but did you dig any snow pits given the described conditions? Just want to put it out there to keep checking the snow layers, bonding, stability and shear values. If you dont dig, you really dont know what you have underneath given the recent weather on the hill