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  1. all that stuff and NO axe??? geeesssshh
  2. Crampons for Tele boots?

    look at the cassin c12
  3. Wanted: Axe

    anyone have a Cassin Ghost size 55-60cm they want to part with? or something equal to it?
  4. WANTED: crampons

    crampons, step in, sabertooth, CM S-12 or Cassin C-12?? also any shops having a great deal on skins???
  5. WANTED: crampons

    LOL thanks peeps.. but i was a bit too freaking eager.. i bought some new Cassin C12 step ins. thanks peace love and American competition
  6. Broughton Thieves

    rocky butte and the bluff both have gone to hell. evne portland rock gym is having theft problems.. seems a new breed of "punk climbers" are brewing. they are targeting gear that is know to climbers.. really sucks. times are changing..
  7. Minimizing condensation

    use your guylines to have the fly pulled away from the tent body.. in a bivy breath through the vent.
  8. Gateway Pentium 4 computer

    For Sale: Gateway Tower, mouse and Keyboard. $300 obo P4 1.8Ghz processor NEC 12X/8X/32X CD-RW Panasonic 16X DVD-ROM Drive Panasonic 1.44 floppy disk drive Quantum 20-GB 4500-RPM ultra 100 HD PC800 128bit 400/100 RIMM GVC 56K PCI voice modem 3COM PCI 10/100 TP Network card Soundblaster Live audio card 64MB ATI Radeon VE Video Graphics card Microsoft XP pro with Office thrillseeker05@yahoo.com $300 OBO
  9. Gateway Pentium 4 computer

    Found a set of skis I really want.. now all I need is for you to buy my computer! No rush.. just email me
  10. Wanted SKIS

    Looking for either Atomic Tourcarv Alpin Atomic Superlights 170-1750cm ???
  11. Wanted SKIS

    damn! wish i could ski those superlights you got. thanks
  12. Is Mtn Soles at PDX REI screwing me?

    sorry but I also got a shiite job from Mt Soles and it cost me $48 bucks.. so I've never gone back. now i just buy Mad Rocks for $60 new
  13. Stolen outdoor and climbing gear - a list

    this person def knew you and knew what they were doing. sorry dude. good luck
  14. For sale: Complete computer system Pentium 4 1.8Ghz Processor 128 bit PC800 RIMM NEC 32x CD-RW Panasonic 16x DVD-ROM Drive 20GB 4500-RPM Ultra-DMA Hard Disk SoundBlaster Live Audio 64MB ATI Radeon VE video card, AGE bus 56K Modem 3COM **3C905TX 100MBit** Ethernet 1.44 Floppy St Francis Mid-tower ATX case Keyboard, Mouse This system is perfect for gaming, I have been running games like Rogue Spear and Quake III Tourney on full graphics with 4 network players. Case is clean and solid, totally upgradable. Hard disk loaded with Windows 2000 and Microsoft Office. Ready to plug in to the internet. $325 OBO
  15. FS: complete computer system

    Would trade for light tour 170-175cm skis with Fritschis bindings..
  16. Pickup truck stickers

    "Jesus Loves You, but the rest of us think you're a dick" or my fav.. "fuck you, you fucking fuck"
  17. My mom's lucky day

    LOL a hummer (yuppy SUV) couldnt get out of a bit of hail??
  18. Shapp, that was really funny. thanks.
  19. Flash vs Onsight

    the sport of climbing has changed.. now a days.. some of us actually have to work during the day.. aaugghh I know! but still I'd rather flame online climbing sites then really work.. LOL
  20. Flash vs Onsight

    [quote Or do you want a "hardcore because we're too stubborn to call a spade a spade in an effort to distance ourselves from possibly being called less than hardcore by the semantics police" badge for yours? a semantics lesson by someone worried about being called a DR. LOL what a freaking joke! a spade is a spade.. yet a flash is not a TR Flash now is it? the original poster wanted opinion on what the difference is between onsite and flash... in our crew that is what we reserve the words for.. if you use the word to describe your TR adventures in your crew, then so be it.. i really dont care.. only I'll probably fall on the ground laughing my ass off if I heard ya. it's all good fun.
  21. Flash vs Onsight

    if someone TR a climb clean then that's it.. "good job" what do ya want a "flash" badge to sew to your lettermans jacket? it's just my crew.. you can say what ya want.. call it a FA Flash on TR for all I care..
  22. how do you take a "whiper" on a bolt ladder?
  23. Flash vs Onsight

    LOL thats good!
  24. Flash vs Onsight

    TR Flash! LOL that's a good one. our crew reserves the word "flash" for when you lead a route, clean, clear and fast.. i.e.. a really good redpoint per se
  25. you can return MSR to a local shop.. even in Portland. they dont care what label is on it.. they'll recycle it anyway.