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  1. Jacket repair Ques.

    Yeah, however your full method makes sense...no chances it will fail. I like that. I'll just use a pencil eraser to push the down back and insert the nylon disk with seam seal. Then attach the top patch and apply pressure on both for the day. I should be good to go then. Thanks Mikester for the insight...these jackets are not cheap...nothing wrong with a few battle scars right? He hehe.. Thanks for the help everyone!
  2. Jacket repair Ques.

    Thanks for all your help, I ordered the Seam Grip and some fabric repair tape. I will head to the Fabric store to check out their nylon material that they offer. Make my decision then...
  3. Jacket repair Ques.

    Mikester...think I may give your method a try with that McNett Seam Grip. The only thing is the hole is not that big and may be a pain to get a patch in there with the feathers in the way. Any more tips?
  4. Jacket repair Ques.

    I have burned a small hole in the collar of my down jacket. Any ideas on a good way to repair this without sending it in? I was curious if they sold a do-it-yourself type deal. Thanks
  5. Picture of the Brothers

    this the right route?
  6. Picture of the Brothers

    I was curious if anyone has any pictures of the south route of the brothers during summer? Preferrably from the point that you leave the woods at the begining of the route. The reason asking is that I was attempting the climb yesterday and was amazed how overgrown the meadow was. If it wasn't for someone placing flourescent tape along the route, I would have turned back way before. It could have been that I was way off course, who knows. Long story short I turned back due to confusion. Has anyone been up there in the last few weeks who could give me some details if they encountered the same thing? All help is appreciated. --Ben
  7. first set of crampons

    I just picked up a pair of G14's and I think I over did it. I might bring them back for some G12's or BD sabertooths. I will not be doing anything vertical any time soon. Does anyone know if they sell the G12 front body? I can then just swap this out if I ever need the Forged front points. Make sense?
  8. Grip tape for ice tools?

    I just got a Grivel air tech Evo axe. It came with the non skid in two places on the axe, near the spike for better 'traction' if you will... It also came with extra tape if I wanted to add more. The stuff they give you is made by 3M. So you should be able to find it at probably any store.
  9. [TR] Ellinor- chute 4/10/2004

    mattp, your description is right on the dot! I did hit the summit then. I remember seeing the bowl, yet there was fog rolling in and the visibility was around 50 feet. I remember looking at it like "what the hell is this?". Kept on the foot tracks that went to the left and up between two rock outcroppings. When on top of this, it did flatten a bit then I saw foot prints to the summit, or what I thought was. Yes it did drop off VERY steep on the backside. I was just surprised at how big the 'crater' was and pretty flat.
  10. [TR] Ellinor- chute 4/10/2004

    I just went up Ellinor today via the chute...way too cloudy for a descent view. I wasn't sure if I hit the true summit. Anyone been up there enough to answer some questions??
  11. A little SLAYER always helps to kick it up a notch...
  12. Alpine Solo Tent ?

    Hilleberg Akto...if you have the $$$
  13. Mt. Seattle

    Did you just backtrack on the way down or descend the scree slopes on the backside?
  14. Mt. Seattle

    I would'nt mind hitting that up either...yet being at low divide, Mt. Seattle is right there!
  15. Mt. Seattle