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  1. There's definitely a lot I missed while there. I guess I'll just have to go back sometime.
  2. Adopt-A-Crag Vantage May 22nd

    When: May 22nd 9am-5pm Where: Frenchmen's Coulee aka Vantage What: The WCC will be doing an Adopt-A-Crag event at Vantage climbing area. The coalition will provide everything you need for cleaning up all you have to do is show up. Questions? PM me.
  3. Adopt-A-Crag Vantage May 22nd

    Here are a couple of pictures from the event:
  4. Adopt-A-Crag Vantage May 22nd

    I'd like to thank everyone that helped out with the Vantage Cleanup. Because of your efforts, we were able to cleanup approx 50-60lbs of trash on Sunday.
  5. On April 11th, a porta-potty will be placed at Vantage until the end of May. You can thank your friendly local climbers coalition the WCC for providing the funds for said crapper. Please report any vandalism and dumping at the site. This is an abuse it and lose it deal and if it gets destroyed chances are we won't be able to get another put out there. If you have any questions or it needs to be serviced please PM me. Happy shitting!!!!
  6. Adopt-A-Crag Vantage May 22nd

    Sweet!!!! Macrina bakery will be providing tasty breakfast pastries for our hard working volunteers!!!!
  7. Houston We Have a Shitter at Vantage!!!

    Update: The WCC is doing a Adopt-A-Crag clean up of Vantage May 22nd. It'll start at 9am. The Access Fund will be providing trash bags while the WCC will provide gloves, shovels, etc...for the clean up. If you have any questions please PM me.
  8. Houston We Have a Shitter at Vantage!!!

    If anyone is out there today please check to make sure that they Porto potty has been installed and post.Thanks
  9. HA...Glad to see that Tad finally talked someone into climbing that route. Looks like a good route but man that things is in the middle of nowhere. Tell Tad he's looking sexy without his grizzly adams beard
  10. Snowball Volunteer Request

    Snowball is coming up on April 15th. For those of you who aren't familiar with Snowball, it is FOAC's end of the season semi-formal dinner/auction. The only way we are able to do this event is due to the hard work and dedication of volunteers like yourself. With this being said, Uncle Sam and myself would like to formally request your assistance to make this years Snowball better then ever. All volunteers need to be at St. Demitrois Church at 4pm on April 15th. If you cannot make it until later please let me know and we can work something out. If you are interested please contact Jeremy at jpark42@yahoo.com Below are the jobs that we need assistance with: 3ppl Set Up/Take Down/Selling Raffle tickets: Pretty self explanatory. 4ppl Registration and Check Out: Again pretty self explanatory 1 key person to input auction and bid info into an excel spread sheet. This person must have working knowledge of Microsoft Excel 9ppl for general tasks: These people will help with a multitude of activities like assisting with silent auctions, live auctions, and other tasks as needed.
  11. Rainier Clinic With IMG

    When: Feb 24th Time: 7pm Come join International Mountain Guides & the Outdoor Research Retail store for an informal session on climbing Mt. Rainier. Drinks & snacks will be provided. Space is limited so please call us at 206-971-1496 to RSVP. For more details please contact Jeremy at jeremyp@outdoorresearch.com
  12. Planning an impromtu trip to Bozeman this Friday-Monday. What I can provide: A Ride Some one to split gas Some one to talk to on the ride over Some who's comfortable on WI3 and can climb WI4 Gear out the ying-yang What I'm looking for: NO newbees!!!!You don't have to crush WI5 but I'm not a guide. I want some one that is experienced Some one willing to split gas and lodging expenses. That's about it. PM if you are interested.
  13. Looking to do an impromptu trip to Bozeman for some ice climbing this Fri-Mon. What I'll provide: A Ride Some one to split gas Some one to talk to on the ride over Some who's comfortable on WI3 and can climb WI4 What I'm looking for: NO newbees!!!!You don't have to crush WI5 but I'm not a guide. I want some one that is experienced Some one willing to split gas and lodging expenses. That's about it. PM if you are interested.
  14. Bozeman Ice Conditions

    How's the ice look in and around bozeman with the recent warm up?
  15. Facebook Photo Contest

    Do you have pic's of you in deep pow? Or pic's of a wicked slide path? How about naked summit shoots? (Just kidding but summit shoots are welcome) Then you should enter Friends of the Northwest Avalanche Centers photo contest. From now until to Jan 20Th, we will be taking photo submissions. Photo's that meet the criteria (Must have snow, no human powered nudity) will be uploaded to our Facebook Fan page. First, second, and third place photo's with the most Likes win a prize. Please submit photo's to jpark1199@gmail.com PS: Please only one photo submission per person.
  16. Facebook Photo Contest

    Let the voting BEGIN!!!! Vote now via Facebook for your favorite photo. Must be a fan of Friends of the Northwest Avalanche center to vote. Here's the link for our Facebook Fan Site http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=238727&id=188769771329&saved#!/pages/Friends-of-the-Northwest-Weather-and-Avalanche-Center/188769771329
  17. Vertfest 2011 Volunteers

    Vertfest 2011 is coming up quick and we need a few (read: a lot) of good volunteers. Since this years event is going to be bigger then last years and will be two days, we are going to need more volunteers. As per last year, volunteers will get free lift tickets for the Pass to use at their leisure. Below is a list of jobs: Feb 13th Race and after party @ Alpental 20ppl for gate keeping during the event 4-5ppl for registration If doing registration/gate keeping expect to be there from 8am to around 5pmish. Contact jeremyp@outdoorresearch.com for more details
  18. Vertfest 2011 Volunteers

  19. I'm selling two Grivel 360 17cm ice screws. The screws have only been used a couple of times and have sat in my gear bin for the better part of 2yrs. Asking $40 for each or $75 for the pair. PM me if interested.
  20. [TR] Hyalite Canyon - 12/5/2010

    Wow and I thought elevator shaft was in fat when we did it around Thanksgiving.
  21. [TR] Frenchman's Coullee - Frenchman Falls 12/4/2010

    Do you think the second pitch would go? Was it in the sun at all?
  22. [TR] Frenchmen's - its thin and in - 12/1/2010

    This isn't to say that the left wouldn't go. You'd just need a pair of brass big ones.
  23. CYA and dry tool wall

    And why in the HELL are you free soloing to set up top ropes. Kind of defeats the purpose....